Game barely working after Windows reinstall

I’m using HP Pavilion 15, not the best in terms of performance but at least worked somewhat decently a year ago. However, after reinstalling Windows 10 the game barely works now. Another thing is that my laptop has no audible reaction to the game in terms of fans, producing no extra noise. I already installed the GPU drivers and have no idea what can cause such problems. Would greatly appreciate any advice.

Would suggest setting the game back to DirectX 11 via the Launcher:

Didn’t help, but thanks for the advice.

Giving it a second try it looks like toggling Directx12 and forcing the game to use main GPU by disabling the built-in one did improve the situation. Still, not good enough to play, however. It feels like I’m missing something in the OS setup, but I can’t understand what exactly it is.

Probably worth troubleshooting with support → and attaching the logs for assistance.

I tried the log lite, it doesn’t seem to be useful here. I will contact the support, thank you for the help.

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