Game crashes randomly

The game frequently keeps crashing to desktop. It happens at random times; sometimes I can play for 10 seconds, other times I can play for 20 minutes.

My setup:

  • Nvidia RTX 4090 (Driver version 546.33)
  • Intel i9-13900KF
  • 64GB (16x4), DDR5, 4000MHz
  • Windows 11, latest update (v. 23H2)

What I’ve tried:

  • Did a complete uninstall of the game (Using Revo Uninstaller to wipe any traces of the game on my computer)
  • Capped framerate to 60
  • Installed the game on a different SSD
  • Freed up space on the SSD (700GB free space)
  • Verified Integrity via the launcher
  • Run version type Release and Beta via the launcher
  • Run EVE with DirectX12 (and without)
  • Did a clean re-install Nvidia drivers (Currently using the latest version
  • Checked temperature to make sure no components are overheating
  • Started growing grey hair
  • Checked performance to make sure nothing’s bottlenecking
  • Ran MemTest to check the RAM (No errors came up)
  • Checked Windows for updates
  • Whitelisted the game in firewall
  • Checked components to make sure everything’s seated and connected properly
  • Underclocked/Overclocked CPU
  • Underclocked/Overclocked GPU
  • Start the game from Steam, and from the standalone launcher
  • Use of different cables to make sure the one I’m using isn’t faulty
  • Reformatted the computer
  • Lost all my hair
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Have you tried to start the game with LogLite ON, play EVE, wait for the crash, save the log file and open the support ticket with logs attached? I believe the support should be in a better position to tell you what’s wrong here.

Did you get to the bottom of this issue? I’m getting random clients drop out 1 of 5 at a time. Hard to pinpoint what, done everything imaginable, will try this loglite and see if this helps at all identifying issue.

I’ve tried everything I can possibly think of, and been in contact with support who couldn’t help me either.

Literally the only thing I’ve figured out that has resolved the issue has been to go to Control Panel → System and Security → Power Options - and set the power plan to Power Saver.

I don’t know why, or how, but that fixes the issue for me. (Regardless of plan settings within Power Saver). Only downside is that it throttles my computer somewhat when I’m multitasking, say by having EVE running at the same time as I’m watching a movie while also rendering large files in Photoshop.


I’ve managed to fix it by running my 3600mhz ram at 3400mhz, think I might have a faulty module. Could power saver be doing something similar for you maybe?

Had this issue before and its come back with new motherboard in my attempts at a stable 3600mhz, which apparantly is still not a thing for me.

Might be unrelated, but thought I’d put my solution here too

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I have the problem that when I start EVE and I undock first the sound plays completely crazy then crashed my game with the message:EVE does not respond I have the problem also only with my second character with the other it runs

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Having the random crash bug, it’s hit me in abyssal deadspace a few times. Appears to be a crash of some sort as it clears all of my saved chats. Boosting for visibility

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Hi, I suggest trying the steps described here: Eve freezing and needs a hard reboot - #25 by Jintelli
It helped me successfully fix my crashes.

I am getting this issue as well randomly across clients every 10-30 minutes, and it started after the last (Feb 6th) Tuesday patch. It is not (like some of the above posts) an issue with the game freezing, but connection lost - unexpected error has occurred, which is happening even immediately when logging in from the client at times. I was also getting the audio enabled crash in insurgency systems that was patched out on the 6th, and this one has taken its place but everywhere. I’ve tried all of the above methods, drivers are updated, Windows updated, DX11 instead of DX12, etc, nothing has fixed it.

Similar setup and similar error, and power-saver mode works as well, any chance you figured out the root cause of this issue?

Have you locked FPS? I have a similar setup and when I have too high FPS, the client crashes.

Since you mention an Intel 13900 and also clocking modfies it, it could be very much this problem:

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