Game errors

Issue 1, I went to open a skin in my unredeemed items and it decided to open everything it could open. I only had the skin selected,which was an Air Mission skin. It opened all my boosters, items, and skill points in unredeemed, basically everything possible. This has happened twice now and I’m still waiting on an answer back from Eve support.
Issue 2 since the new update and reupdates the past few days, I am getting constant server disconnects. It is not my Internet connection it is the game server. I know this because I have not lost connection watching UHD via Wi-Fi or my laptop which has had no issues with games or videos. My PC has no issues with other games it’s just Eve and always seems to happen around new updates. This is happening especially when in Abyss space, I reconnect and am on half hull and am lucky to have survived. The past 3 days abyss error disconnect has happened on multiple runs and 2 times it disconnected twice in one run. This is making the game unplayable and becoming costly, especially if I lose my ship and fit due to these disconnect issues. Normally I have no issues except when Eve decides to unleash an update. Still waiting on a response from support. Yes I have submitted bug reports.

For issue 2 after reading the forum and other outside forums,it seems this is an Eve/AMD issue, hopefully that gets fixed. As for issue 1, it’s been over a week and no response besides the automated from customer support. I have lost items paid for and in game items because of this issue of opening items in unredeemed opening all instead of the single item selected.

This happens occasionally, that clicking on an item in the Redeemed list does a “Select All” and selects everything. Visually it’s not even that noticeable, depending on screen settings. However you will be able to see that all the items now how have a somewhat brighter background, and the item you clicked on will be a bit brighter than the others. Which is pretty close to how they look when you have just one item selected.

Always watch the item list as you click on them to see what visually changes. If doing single items, you can also click once, short pause, click again. This takes it from the occasional “select all” back to single-item select.

I didn’t notice any changes as I have the low settings on, and this sounds like a bug that Eve devs should fix. If I select one item, it shouldn’t select all.