Game not working today, launcher say i'm using 32 bit but i'm not (fixed)

After today’s downtime i find that game don’t run anymore, launcher shows a warning about i’m using a “32 bit operating system” but i’m using 64bit wine in 64bit linux winecfg
Any clue on how to fix the trouble?
i’m running windows launcher with wine version 3.6 under ubuntu 18.04

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hello there,

i’ve got the same problem,

i’m using linux mint 19.3 cinnanmon 64-bit and wine 4.0.3

Sorry i was wrong, after further research just discovered i was truly running in a 32 wine environment.
Fixed it moving .wine directory to a different name, creating a fresh 64bit wineprefix with
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine WINEARCH="win64" winecfg
then moved drive_c/users and drive_c/EVE from old wineprefix to the new one overwriting everything and all is working fine now with my old same launcher

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