Game only running in DX9

(Janeway Baggins) #1

Having come back to the game after a 2 year break the game seems unusable running DX11. FPS are 60 plus but keeps locking up due to graphics card error (ATI HD7790). Application stopped running due to hardware error. I have never had any problems before with this card. My PC is high spec with windows 10 pro and 8GM memory. This seems to be a problem of the past but is it still current?. I have reinstalled drivers and the game. The screen locks when I have a screen change. Running DX9 and all is okay, but the frame rate is slower not visuals not as nice. The card says it running DX11.2

(Anderson Geten) #2

That’s actually kinda low spec for memory (assuming you meant 8GB).

(Janeway Baggins) #3

Hmm. Yes 8GB

(Janeway Baggins) #4

If anyone else has this problem it has be ensolved by turning GPU particles off. All other setting can be on there highest with no problems.

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