Game runs like crap with too many players and has terrible, half realized mechanics that you refuse to fix

I don’t need to say anything else… Your game doesn’t play with 4 thousand people. it crashes in a constant state of TIDI… Your half realized mechanics, like letting people AFK cloaky camp, is just bad… It’s as bad as bad can be…
I figured after being in business as long as u have been, that you could actually fix something…
Apparently not…

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I like that you managed to slip your complaints about cloaking camping into yet another thread.

In this instance, by “half-realized mechanics” are you referring to the issue with the Citadel timers?

So just to be clear, which other game out there can put 6000 people in the same place, let them fight and not crash the server?
What was done yesterday was an astonishing feat! Yes TIDI was crap, yes nothing worked, BUT the server didnt crash and the game actually still ran.
CCP now has tons of data to use, hopefully something good will come from this.

The Main AFK cloaky thread is over there.


The only way out of this I can see is developing mechanics that spread Citadel bashing over several systems. Without an extensive and likely infeasible re-write of the game’s code the game will always suffer under mechanics that encourage winning with numbers. They’ve already changed Sov mechanics to account for exactly this kind of thing. They just apparently didn’t have the foresight to imagine that Citadels would end up encouraging gameplay contradictory to their goals.

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