Game system requirements with future patching

With the triglavion patch only a shirt time away I have read a lot about the coming gameplay and looking forward to it. With the new “dungeon” style game play that contains new graphic resolutions and weather effects will this have an effect on the graphic requirements needed to play the game I wonder?

I have not seen anything written anywhere so far, or have I missed it?

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what they said in fan fest is that it should have minimal impact on systems.

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I am concerned by this as well. The issues with clouds in various mission sites does not increase my confidence.

What CCP says and what actually happens are not usually the same thing.


Each Abyssal pocket is a single, isolated instance for a sole ship with no local, warp, docking, probes or dscan (presumably). Even if the “eye candy” is ratcheted up a notch it should still perform very well.

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