Gank free mining spaces? A possible solution

One of the things that I quickly discovered about EvE’s economy is how broken it seems to be. It is not that one cannot make a decent profit but like you wrote there is too much ore and this is compounded by not being enough exploded ships, this depresses the price of ore overall. Plus to compound matters, the actual cost of producing a ship or other item is higher than their sale price as many people seem to have no concept on how to cost items. Plus many of the player owned hi-sec custom houses need to be exploded as their tax rates are set at ridiculous levels with no means (that I know of) to circumvent them and this really puts a dampener on PI type activities.

My assumption that this situation that makes people want to explode customs offices is a conflict driver by design aside, have you trained customs code expertise? The hisec customs offices have an NPC tax on top of the owner’s set tax that you can reduce via this skill.

I’ll help you: blow them up and place one yourself.

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Ah… so this is why I get taxed twice. Thanks for this insight.

Back in a 2008 Engadget article looking at whether EVE was going soft (way back then even), the five goals of CCP’s original developer group were:

  • There should be only one world with no instancing or sharding.
  • EVE should be a sandbox style game.
  • PvP should be the primary activity.
  • Free-form gameplay is encouraged.
  • The world of New Eden should be a harsh, cold place.

While CCP have clearly changed position on a number of these, if they still view EVE as a fulltime PVP in a sandbox environment, then no one has an argument for a gank free mining space.

Stay docked if you want 0 risk of someone shooting you.

Original article:

Hopefully, somewhere in the company, these original goals still have value.


This place already exists. Its called Newbie systems, and you cant gank or scam or do anything in those systems.

Problem is, these systems get mined out pretty fast, because people with expensive hulks and mackinaws come in and mine them. Because they know there are no ganks in this system.

And this is the problem you will run into. As soon as you make a safe space for mining, everyone is going to go there. And if its a finite resource, no one but the real botters are going to be able to log in every day at downtime and mine them all until theyre empty.

Guess what will happen then?

You will be back here. Complaining about how there arent enough anomalies and ore belts. Complaining that its always mined out by who you suspect to be botters. If only there was a way to get rid of them!

But Alas, no. You cant gank them to get rid of them. Youve created your own monster.

And thats why this is a bad idea.


Thats how wars are won and profits made, chief

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You can’t gank or scam new players in these systems.
It does not apply to anyone else, otherwise I’d be long gone.

I’ve once set up base in one,
convincing a bear that he is indeed not safe in these systems.

Anyhow, there is no problem outside of the one in OP’s head.

Also, OP, here’s a warning:

Stop using words like “molested” when it comes to a videogame, because no one is being molested, actual victims deserve more respect and you show you have zero empathy … and you’re not a new player.

Don’t make yourself a big, fat target.


In a nutshell, you appear to be saying that the “solution” to the “problem” of some players asking for more safety and being able to do what they want unmolested is to give something to them that might somehow satisfy their demands, right?

Well, you’re completely missing the point… The solution to that “problem” is to help them understand what EvE is about and how to properly play it, not to make any changes to satisfy their unwillingness to learn…


No one is being molested.
Don’t do this.

People will claim anything to get reimbursed or get someone else banned, including “I just bought this char that is 10 years old but I’m actually 2 weeks” and “I made this account 5 years ago but never played and just started a week ago.” All of these things I’ve actually been told by people I’ve ganked. Only once I’ve recieved a warning from a GM about it, so depending on the GM I might be culpable. You never know.

Dude I got PTSD from getting my feelings hurt on Tumblr, dont tell me a soldier who saw his best friends head blown off right in front of him has it worse than me!

How about this: a perfectly safe deadspace pocket or system, but the asteroids mined in it can only be reprocessed into worthless NaCl and the rats have no bounties and drop only carebear plushies, which also have no use.

Now people who claim to enjoy mining for the sake of mining can mine in perfect peace and safety, while earning absolutely nothing from it. They risk nothing and therefore are rewarded nothing.


Thats… Genius.

“I mine to relax after work” cool

I rub one in after work, and dont get paid for it, so fairs fair.


No, ■■■■ off.


Your post is a nonsensical nonsolution to a nonproblem, but I thought this part was funny.


don’t forget the “recon 3” mission that will kill any non-tanked ganker wannabe. In this mission when you enter, and several times after that, you take AOE DPS. Enough to kill a 9K EHP frigate in 4 shots. also no rat, so if your orca has enough speed and tank( MWD… ) and the miners also have it, you just need to slowboat 60km to the gate (so that’s ±160s I guess) and then you can mine freely, knowing that any ganker would be destroyed by the AOE.

you need 25k EHP on the shield to tank the room though, if you take 160s to approach the gate.

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I approve of this post.

There are plenty of “safe” systems to mine, you just have to find them. Dotlan is a good place to start your search. Look for a backwater dead end system away from trade hubs with low traffic, low ship kills, high security, a compression array, and always keep an eye on local.

Main thing to remember is that mining is a numbers game. Rarer or higher priced ore is not always going to make you more isk. It is all about how much isk per m3 and how fast you can put it in the hold. Sacrificing yield for gank resistance in many cases is false economy. For example, you can easily get a fully insured max yield “paper” tanked retriever for less than 30m isk. Each load is worth around ~4m isk of plain old veldspar when compressed. With platinum insurance your looking at maybe what, 7-8 loads or so tops of dead common ore to pay for the ship if it gets blapped? Everything after that is pure profit.


no it’s not.
you forget the time you are using. To get your fit. To sell your items afar.