Gank free mining spaces? A possible solution

Mining in real life is not that easy.

This already exists. They’re called “Rookie Systems”. Ganking is expressly prohibited in this systems.

Mining income is commensurate with the risk.

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Have you tried mining with guns?

what ever you do to relieve yourself after a hard days work is completely your business. Lol :rofl:

Yeah but I like to spread the love


This is wrong. Not that it matters for the purposes of this thread, mind you, but ganking is allowed everywhere, in rookie systems too. What isn’t allowed there is ganking new (30 days old or less) players:


What really goes against the true mining corps are the afk mining Orcas that are out there with their drones.

Having a gank free space requires the pilot to be at the keyboard to respond to just about any danger.

It is then they can have a gank free mining space that meets the risk they are willing to take.

Well TIL.

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In other words remain code compliant by not mining afk. If all miners had your attitude CODE would have never existed.

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There are several zones like that already. Usually small hs pockets behind lowsec. CODE. is too scared to fly through lowsec so you won’t get ganked by them there.

Although some real ganker might still find you and kill you. But it will be really rare, now when I don’t do this anymore. As long as you don’t bling your ships and pods losing one or maybe two hulks or macks in such zone is not big deal.

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