Gank free Uedama

We have all seen the drop in ganking in the pipes but please don’t get complacent when traveling on the gank routes.
I’m sure they will be back , off killing structures or null wars or what ever gankers do , properly mining hehe , so don’t auto pilot these routes and keep your eyes open

o/ thank you captain obvious.


It’s obviously not obvious to some, I watched increasing numbers slow boating around, also I have seen a rise in other groups attacking in small numbers, maybe Code has fallen to internal strife or something and these as the new wannabes.
Time will tell if they return

Kusion was bashing abandoned structures.

Australian Excellence was too busy looking in the mirror and telling himself how great he was, that he forgot to log in.


Running their indy alts most likely

Not that Id know

Dracvlad, a man who can’t stop thinking about a living legend, Australian Excellence :muscle:

Permanent space up in your head lmao

Can’t say I blame you, I’m a pretty big deal


Is that what the mirror told you?

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