Gank Related Megathread Pt. 2

Maybe it’s just me but if I cannot respond on a forum I wouldn’t know why I’d stick around on the webpage.
It wouldn’t be a problem for your $8 participation but I wouldn’t imagine people reading a forum they can’t participate in.

That I agree with.

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I had to reload the broswer as for awhile I was not able to respond to your thread comment and started to think it might cost me each time.

/So I am seeing this “Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.”

Not sure if it is live or just within my web cache. can’t type a full reply though I think we have zero agreement on the pay to post drama.

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More to the point…why should those who don’t pay a single penny towards the game get to complain, bicker, or demand changes. They’ve got what they paid for.

Have you got any examples where you know people aren’t paying for a sub and are complaining? Ramona has declared herself to be alpha only, right?

Ya, I don’t think we see eye to eye on the issue.

And that’s okay. I can respect your position even though I don’t necessarily agree with it. But I’m not going to brow beat you with it.

That’s the thing about having a discussion. At least you are willing to listen, consider and try it out even if it’s not your cup of tea. And I appreciate that.

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I honestly don’t think there should be free accounts whatsoever.

I don’t agree with the free to play model. It preys upon micro transactions which is, in my opinion, is scuzzy underhanded way of conducting business. It promotes, exploits and preys upon the entitled mentality. (One of many, Sure. Like the whole “you deserve [insert item being pandered here]. It will make you happy.” Like 99% of the car advertisements out there. But I digress into a personal soap box of mine)

But it’s a free market and CCP has chosen to go that route.

But the question is, how sustainable is that business model? And that I don’t have the answer to. I’m sure CCP does financial projections and analysis. I just hope the people they have hired / contracted really do know their stuff.

I am still able to gank them in lowsec with my alpha clone alts though.

The reality is that there is no such thing as ‘free’. Someone is paying, or there’d be no Eve. Thus Omegas are basically subsidising all the ‘free’ accounts. Which is fine for a limited period, but I think I’d object to being blapped by some year old Alpha in a Praxis who has basically paid nothing for the right to blap me and whose skills, ships, etc I have subsidised.

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I thought that was real and elite PvP.

Doesn’t stop the hate mail though.

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It’s not a “right”, it’s not even a privilege. And he paid in Time and even may have bought PLEX to blap you, Ms. Elite

Maybe it is real and elite, but how is it any fair that a non-paying customer can kill paying customers’ ships?

This needs to be nerfed ASAP!


I get called all kind of rude names by players in WoT because their gold bought wang suppliment gets routinely railed by my f2p Matilda

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You are taking the wrong angle here. Let me help

Waaaaa! This is utter bullpoopyness. I was flying my hauler through low sec and some noob alpha blew my ship up. It had over a billion isk of modules that I was going to sell on the market. I’m an omega market trader and I make billions of isk per day. This isn’t right that an alpha was able to take me out in low sec!

This has to be fixed. It’s not fair. Alphas shouldn’t be allowed to set their safties to yellow or red, anywhere in the game.

I’m filing a report to CCP to see if I can get my ship and mods back, and they better give it back or I’m quitting.

Cry cry cry cry cry.
Nerf alpha clone!
Cry cry cry cry cry.

CCP gave my ship back and all the mods. But this is not enough. Alphas in low sec are a blight. The adversely effect my omega trading. Nerf ALPHA’s NOW!


You forgot the part where this person who is an omega market trader making billions of ISK per day is also a rookie newbie player in dire need of protection or else they will quit and drive PCU down.


That’s in my next post.

Hey, you also forgot the bit where the very stuff they trade billions of ISK in and sit there all ISK bloated and smug in JIta is ultimately part of the pinnacle of industry that leads to Catalysts and Void that kills the very noobs they claim to care soooooo much about. They are making money out of all those noob deaths.

Nope. That was implied in my post!

See. I’m a omega noob multitrillionaire isk trader. And it’s not right that an alpha noob in a venture can take out my hauler in lowsec.

Nerf alphas. They shouldn’t be allowed to set their safties to anything but green.

Sounds like they are dedicated as an average of only 10% of twitter staff came to work.

Well with 80% fired and 20% locked out, then on average a few diehard musksuckers probably slipped in to operate the levers.

Twitter was losing $4 million a day having 8000 employees before musk took over. The average number that turned up for work before, not after the takeover was 10%.

After laying off about half the employees, musk asked the rest to give evidence of what that actually do, instead of doing this, half of them quit.

Blizzard if I recall, in contrast, needed about 25-50 staff to run their WoW servers which do a bit more than handle tweets.

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