Gank Related Megathread Pt. 2

Sounds like they are dedicated as an average of only 10% of twitter staff came to work.

Well with 80% fired and 20% locked out, then on average a few diehard musksuckers probably slipped in to operate the levers.

Twitter was losing $4 million a day having 8000 employees before musk took over. The average number that turned up for work before, not after the takeover was 10%.

After laying off about half the employees, musk asked the rest to give evidence of what that actually do, instead of doing this, half of them quit.

Blizzard if I recall, in contrast, needed about 25-50 staff to run their WoW servers which do a bit more than handle tweets.

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I hadnt taken you for being a muskfan and false information spreader.

But cant say Im surprised.

Calm down miner



Because you suck up to that loser?

What part of that is to be jealous of?

Money , success, intelligence, good looks, …

Looks like Ill have to concede to your Musk-love, my response apparently requires approval for some reason.

Approval Granted

what about the players who don’t multibox that are alpha

Masochists. That is like boxing with one hand tied behind your back.

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Im fine thanks

They have to step away in a fight against common enemy, the gankers.

I’m just wondering when a death by an NPC will be labeled as “ganking.” And demand CCP to reimburse the lost ship.

I predict in less than 2 years.


give it 7 weeks and it will happen

They will call it: unfair


Pretty sure that was already done during Triglavian Invasion, if not the FOB Diamond introduction, if not the day the POS towers went skynet.

Triglavians gatecamps aren’t real PvE so it should be obviously removed from game completely.