Gankers do not make EVE a better place

Don’t fly what you are unwilling loose.




Ganked again, this is a bit frustrating as a new player. I 'm loosing way more than i can generate now.
Condemned to farm t1 abyssal.

That’s the danger of living in low security space. The profits may be nice, but you’ll have to watch your own back without the threat of CONCORD to kill anyone who dares to attack you.

Try to stay in 0.5 security space and above if you want to be a little safer.

l3 mission was on low sec unfortunately for me

A burner mission?

“The Blockade” Level 3 mission.

Can’t even reach the location to end it, got ganked again hehe. I’m just wasting plex at this time.

Do it just after downtime or late at night.

They camp all day long

Oh rancer, nice system. Last time was there blew up a megathron with a little assault frigate, fun times.


It’s one of those systems you need to think carefully before accepting a mission in. Take the hit. Lesson learned.

Rancer is party town

Here, use this. It works pretty well. And a must for those capsuleers bouncing into and out of low. As well as high traffic systems like Ueduma in high sec.
EvE Gatecamp Check

Well, that’s no fun

Isn’t it interesting that the anti-gankers, who claim to be the champions of new bros do absolutely nothing to help newbros? They can’t even be bothered to take 5 seconds and provide links to resources to help them on the forums.

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Too busy kill whoring

Too busy virtue signaling.

I’m looking at your killboard and I don’t see any actual ganks.

I see you dueling in Jita, and I see a bunch of lowsec losses, but those are regular PvP - most of them are one vs. ones. That’s not how we define ‘ganking’ in EVE.


Not being part of the WE collective, I declare mission runner ganking a GANK.