Ganking is the only consistent and "fair" content

As a “new” player to Eve I have tried a lot of different PvP content. None of which actually delivers any “fair” PvP content other than ganking.

People like to say that ganking isn’t fair, but I would disagree. It’s much easier for a miner to avoid a gank than it is for the ganker to actually gank them.

  • It’s not rocket science (or well in eve it might be lol) to press V and check if there’s someone camping a site and just not go there? Anyway if there’s someone there already it’s rude to come and steal npcs from other miners too so why would you even waste time going to the site?

  • It’s not hard to notice that your hauler got scanned at a gate, so who in their right mind would keep going and expect not to be killed?

  • Just do cloack trick in your hauler and chances are you’ll get away scot free, we don’t have infinite accounts to bring to uncloak your 300m cargo iteron.

  • Use a god damn insta dock/undock bookmark

  • Don’t undock what you can’t afford to lose? And if you lose it then treat it as a lesson and don’t repeat what you did wrong.

All of the above is really not that hard and as a ganker you’re pretty much forced to do all of that on a daily basis if not then you’ll just get killed by someone.

As gankers it often takes much more time, effort and isk to actually down another player. I would need to run 3 accounts with decent skills to just down your t1 hauler. And I would fail often enough also due to just game rng/you being tanky. Thhat’s 7.5b isk per month in omega + about 100m for my own fits per gank.

  • I would need to run a minimum of 3 accounts to down your random paper fit cruiser. And often times it would still not be enough with just 3.

  • I would need to run a minimum of 2 accounts to down your random frigate/destroyer.

  • Nothing really is gankable and lootable with just 1 account. Even if you utilize multiple characters as your looters you would still often be too late to get your loot before the miner comes back in a rookie ship

Most valuable cargo is shipped with huge ships like freighters and dst which require an insane amount of either skillpoints or accounts to even think about downing. This can be doable with a big enough fleet, rich enough players and so on, but it’s not feasable for a new player. Nowadays I even see 100m carried by these bigger industrials.

“Go to lowsec/nullsec/wh for PvP”

  • I have tried and trust me if the content was there I’d mainly be doing that, but there’s not. It’ll never be a fair fight either in numbers or knowledge. I am quite new to the game and I don’t know the ins and outs of every frigate & destroyer so when I do get the rare 1v1 I usually lose. And I came to realize that my mistake was to take the fight in the first place. People in Eve don’t engage a fight unless they’re 95% certain that they will win the fight. No matter how cheap their ship is. And with decades of experience over me I hardly stand a chance unless I want to keep knocking my head against the wall until I can match the experience gap. And even then all I would achieve is to either pray on the newbies who were in my shoes before or just avoid a fight that I know I will lose…

  • In nullsec people are WAY TOO SAFE. I would argue that certain regions of nullsec are much safer than highsec as an idea. If you even dare to approach a region that’s owned by the bigger alliances you’ll get sat down on casting couch and done dirty in every way possible. You will never find a fair fight in nullsec.

“Join a null/low alliance for pvp”

  • And then what? Be the other side that pray on that 1 person who accidentally stepped in the wrong neighbourhood?
  • Also unless you’re the fleet commander all you do is F1 monkey.

“Bring all your alts and it’s a fair fight”

  • It requires much less mental capacity to use alts for ganking (although it still takes quite a bit and I often missplay due to that) than it is to use them in actual pvp scenarios. Let’s be honest with ourselves, there’s no eve players under 25 and we’re all only getting older.

“Join big fleets, wars, ect”

  • Join a war and sit on 2 sides of a gate with 100 people doing nothing but waiting for other side to come through.
  • Play the game in 10% speed due to TiDi?

Ganking mostly relies on the players indivudual skill and extremely stupid mistakes from your targets.

I personally think that ganking is very hard to do as a new player and be isk neutral/positive by doing so (and well not dying of boredom waiting for a shuttle with 20 LSI inside) I would like to see it made easier for newer players and actually maybe harder for more experienced / richer players.

But I’m not here just to cry about that boo hoo ganking is hard. The main point of this post is that there is no other PvP activity that can provide nearly the amount of content. I’m not ganking because I love to make miners cry (Even though that’s a nice bonus), I do it because it’s consistent content.

  • Please add more content to the game that promotes conflict.
  • Try to make nullsec not a safe heaven for carebears behind huge fleets of F1 monkeys guarding the systems that should be highsec.
  • Bring back proving grounds. In a way that you can queue with all ship classes in their own queue. People are afraid to lose their frigates in lowsec cause they’re not sure that they will win the fight, ain’t nobody gonna queue up for battleships.
  • Think of a mechanic that would increase the chances for heavily outnumbered fights.

Trying to find a fight is heavily punished by the game, while it should be encouraged in a sandbox PvP game.

Fck it make it possible to get back into the action after losing a ship. There’s nothing more annoying than having to fly 20+ jumps in a pod just to fly 20+ jumps back in a slower ship to get back into the fight.

Make travel across New Eden faster.

Remove half of the current systems. This game was built to host more than 25k players, but reality is that we’re not getting more than that so maybe it’s time to adapt?

As I said I’m still a “new” player to the game so there’s a lot that I don’t know. I came here to maybe get some answers from the community, Maybe some could explain why I’m wrong on certain topics. And maybe, but doubt it CCP would actually think about addressing some of the issues I’ve been experiencing.

TL:DR: Ganking is content that can be enjoyed by a single player as well as a fleet of friends, no other PvP activity in eve is.

I would like to see what the community thinks


Repeated ganking is a perm ban reason in every game on the market and should be here also…

About time this game finally arrives in the 21st century game market and adapts to the reality.

Asshole behaviour has to be punished…end of story…

Just let the people play their game and only fight someone with their consent.

Any behaviour ignoring that has to be punished.

Who do you think you are to force YOUR puny playstyle to others that do not want it?


I can tell you where this discussion is headed right away

And then


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Duh. It’s how the population is spread out in EVE.

HS is dangerous since there are so many people in 1 area. (aka jita). Like how RL cities are pretty dangerous compared to the countryside.

WH space, NS, and LS space can be pretty quiet/safe compared to the busy city that is Jita. But you trade convince of goods for less population density.

Literally 98% of EVE didn’t even care about proving grounds. :joy: It was filled with alts and noone liked a queue system in EVE.

EVE VANGUARD! WOOOOOOOOO :congapartyparrot: :congapartyparrot: :congapartyparrot: :partying_face: :partying_face: :congapartyparrot:


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haha so salty ^^


Just buy a permit and don’t die! So easy!


Rust is a top selling sandbox game just like Eve, but an FPS game.
People gank raid and cry just like in eve, but it’s a top seller.

Black Desert online is a classic MMORPG that allows this also. There is a downside to ganking players, but that’s just like in eve… A downside. Honestly it’s less punishable in BDO :smiley:

I agree that there need to be games designed for carebears and snowflakes and so on and there are many, not sure what you forgot here though.

Yeah, as I said… People are scared of losing a friage in lowsec why would they ever queue for the only option which is something like “battleships 2v2”

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I agree with most of your points, however there are a few holes in your logic:

Most people are okay with this being a special event once in a blue moon (The Trig Annual event for example). However, the issue with this being a constant is that it reduces the amount of people flying around in space and generating PVP organically (Including Ganking). This is a sandbox MMO not an instanced death match game.

This is goes against the spirt of the sandbox. Having the tools to cut-off your opponents ability to quickly return to the fight is a key part of EVE.

Examples of this:

  • Keeping hole-control during WH evictions.
  • Reinforcing ansiblex jump bridges just before important timers.
  • Not podding people during heavy tidi.

These already exists. Wormholes, cynos and jump bridges are your friend.

You are just going to remove parts of space that people have being fighting over and lived in for the past 20 years? I can guarantee almost all of the players affected would not login ever again, the rest of us would protest in solidarity.


Yelling it out does not make it true :slight_smile:

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so…adapting to the 21st century would destroy this game? well…if so this game deserves to die …bottom line…

Mic drop

I think that was your butt plug that fell out…


not one but two…

I still seem to have a point if you focus just on that :stuck_out_tongue:

Doable on one account with 3 characters. Scan …Pop… Loot…Profit … Laugh

If only ganking was that easy.

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Honestly doesn’t matter if it is or not, I didn’t write this to discuss about easy or hard. It’s just that it’s one an activity that generates pvp content that’s not 1v20.
Of course there are some cases of 1v20, but I’m mostly taking about my experience as a single player with a few accounts.

I’d much rather see people exploring different scenarios maybe suggesting some activities instead of flaming each other or circlejerking that ganking is good or bad.

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Ganking is easy, you are clearly not drinking enough rum.

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This I agree with.

Proving grounds just didn’t take off as an permanent content generator in EVE. Given that we already have abyssal deadspace.

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Your logic doesn’t make a sense. Did you even participated in proving grounds before?

This content wasn’t interesting for the peoples who becomes a victims of gankers. Hence it will not reduce the amount of the targets for ganking. It might reduce the number of gankers in space, but first of all I doubt that (only McLovin used to participate back then consistently) and second, good for carebears and if Safety for once leaves Uedama its an opportunity for others to finally gank in promised land no?

Proving grounds would be a decent event once a year during trig totality day/week.

People got bored of proving grounds pretty fast when CCP spammed events lol

How’s „adapting to the 21st century“ going for that other sci fi MMO, Wildstar?