Ganking killing content

It’s the truth. Maybe it hurts, it still is the truth. And it’s no ‘blaming’ at all, it’s just clarifying who could have prevented this ship loss. The one flying it. To help him rethink his decisions and become a better player. It can’t even victim-blaming because if anything, the imaginary ingame-avatar was the imaginary victim, but I am not even talking to “him”. The player wasn’t a victim, so pointing out his mistakes that lead to the ship loss can’t be victim blaming. Its called “advice”.

That victimTypeID doesn’t refer to the ship. So your little Condor is not even meant. Besides that, neither the Condor nor the Avatar even exist as physical objects, they are database entries that just have attributes changed. Health=100% vs. Health=0% does not “damage” them, it simply changes their status in a database. They can’t be killed, damaged, hurt whatever. Your own definition would only apply if the database itself would be attacked and the entries forcefully changed so they no longer have their attributes attached within the rules of the game, then we could assume they have been “damaged” (meaning they no longer have the properties they should have according to the game rules).

Maybe, there is no way to really know until a CCP dev steps out of the dark and clarifies why they did make the killmail as they did. Since I have worked quite a long time with game design teams in my younger days, I am pretty confident about it. But well, these were other times, when players didn’t cry about every invonvenience and demanded changes to cater and protect them.

Sure, multiple times.

  • no rule has been broken
  • all mechanics have been used exactly as indended
  • no one is prevented from playing the game as agreed in the EULA/ToS (aka the contract made between CCP and the player)

If you find any of these points wrong, link your proof.

So, lets summarize: There are no victims in games, especially not in online games where all things are just virtual and imaginary. Even if they are called “victims” for immersion reasons, they are as real victims as ingame zombies are real zombies. They aren’t, they don’t even exist other than has digital database entry that can be modified, but not damaged or hurt by legit ingame actions.


It’s not just incursions, though. You get that exact same entitled carebear PvE mentality with miners and asteroids…’ this is MY asteroid, go mine elsewhere ‘…and especially with anomalies with ’ I got here first…this is MY anomaly’.

There’s absolutely nothing in the EVE rules that says a person ‘owns’ anything due to getting there first. Quite the reverse…the whole purpose of EVE is to fight for stuff.

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Beware, steffi will soon emerge to correct you about your toxic ideas. You have been warned, raise the woke-shield.

Nay…the place to ‘argue’ ownership is the Eve grid, using DPS not words. If anyone thinks they ‘own’ anything in Eve, let them fight for it.

Nah youre just victim blaming man.

These people just want to be able to farm tens of billions of isk in peace and relative safety. We have to feel sorry for these people. Now they will only be able to afford 2 years of gametime worth of plex instead of 3.

Nah man, theyre victims. They wont be able to farm tens of billions of isk now. So sad. Why dont people weep for the billionaires anymore, they have hard lives too.

Aiko Danuja I DO know who you are. I do not know what you want. If you are looking for SALT or ISK, I can tell you I don’t have SALT or ISK. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for someone like you. If you let my MINERS go now and stop ganking, and reimburse every miner or hauler you have ever wronged, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. I will not expose you but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will expose you.

That’s tongue in cheek right.

Let me guess. You work for MI6, and your last name starts with a B?

And bad luck will follow you wherever you go, your credit card will start getting declined, your wife will cheat on you, your children bullied at school, and a terrible rash will form on your right arm?

Hes serious. Ive seen it before. Infact, much worse.

Always find it funny that the people making threats are usually the ones wetting them selves in fear.

Reminds me of this classic:

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That escalated quickly

Well, yeah. The internet and anonimity makes even the weakest of us into delta force navy seal operators.


I was looking forward to what you had to say🤭

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Ganking killing content?
Would not Ganking be the content in a PvP game?
Are not the players the content in a multiplayer game?

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It’s a bit embarrassing lol

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You know the system and btw U started IT!

Nah man thats too far from where i was rorqualling and building my supers.

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