Ganking killing content

Wait your traveling to goonlands just to fight him, damn so much effort.

or both sides general public are the freedom fighters and both sides leaderships are the terrorists… lol


Talking of killing content do people think the new Avalanche is going to upset ganking and at the same time damage T1 freighter production.

Looking at the stats , if released like it is I see trouble ahead.


Looks like a fine ship to me.

I am sure the “gankers” - ie players didnt do it in catalysts, and even if they did…they prolly swiped their cards as well for plex or sub time…


Honestly I don’t think it would kill ganking, I think Aiko would just work together will nullblock’s more closely for more numbers and the nullblock dudes will prob just have 1 or 2 ganking characters as a side character on their accounts.

It might actually make ganking worse as ganking gets more efficient with more people, who knows maybe they won’t even need to use t2 guns and can use meta blasters for that reduced cost.

But having to split loot and send isk splits to 200 people sounds like a pain in the arse sorry in advanced for your suffering @Aiko_Danuja unless you can somehow make the system do auto payments per gank.

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Let’s hope so, I’m sure Kusion will have a new shower idea soon and ganking will take a different form .

What ever happens no play style should be nerffed by ccp

I just had an idea about the avalanche ,
for high sec anyway.
You can only fly it in high sec if you are war eligible. Or owning one makes you war eligible.

Ps and you can’t have one in an NPC corp

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Yea that would make more sense, at least you would be able to see them coming then and be able to shoot them before they get to 0 with an escort fleet.

And the ships would be better suited for big hauling alliances like red frog then, but the prices would go up from having to have protection, but escort gameplay sounds kind of fun tbh.

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Excellent idea to put a harmonica in space and call it The Squall :slight_smile:

I don’t think the 6 missile turrets are going to stop gankers, given that the whole idea of ganking is to do max damage in as short a time as possible. Havent seen yet what the tank is on the new ships.

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Oh the tank is crazy , Bod painter thinks it will take 45 Talos to take out , I think he said , and it has BS firepower

From the sound of it, I suspect the price will be too.

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Watch the latest metal show from Saturday , they have a long chat about it, it’s on YouTube

New hulls that are gated by LP take a long while to hit the market, and even longer to have their prices more or less stable and reasonable. It was the case with trig and eden ships, there’s no reason to think this will be any different. It will take a few years at least, going by example.

Can’t wait for a fleet of these new bad boys wreaking havoc while hauling stuff at the same time, lol. That’s before the inevitable nerfs, of course :laughing: A very good “nerf” would be to prevent the Avalanche from entering hisec - but I’m sure there wouldn’t be enough popcorn to cover for such an occasion.


Outstanding! Now they have time to do something else!

Imagine that ! 1k players make for 4 full fleets. Thousands would make x times 4 fleets. All competing for the same sites ? Glorious ! Mayhem ! Salt ! Even before the MOM dies… There’s hope for them yet, they may even get into the spirit of the game and see some real action under TiDi.

Just LOL.

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Do you have a number for crazy? You can tank any ship crazy high, using abyssalrolled officermods, but that would not help you survive a gank, quite the opposite. From the raw HP numbers of the screenshots I have seen, it doesn’t look like an absurdly unreasonable tank, especially given it’s?price tag. And the offensive abilities are no real help in a gank.

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With a better than T2 fit 1.6mil ehp with good resistance

Like you said anything can be ganked and I look forward to the 1st one to die in high .

We should have a bet on who gets it 1st. A few contenders I can think of

Instead , they are being farmed - for tears.

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Removed an unnecessary word, but I think this is a wonderful idea all by itself. :grin:

It certainly would promote content.

There is a new update:

  • High-Security space: the Mothership will not appear until at least 3 days have passed.
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