Ganking killing content

Are you joking

It seems he isn’t joking, Githany; this appears to be a direct quote from the Equinox expansion notes.

I Googled the quote.

Griefers 1 Farmers 0


No, it’s legit. Rather than increase the number of highsec incursions again - you know, the other possible solution - from a ridiculously low single instance to multiple, they say “no” to early mothership killing. Another amazing fact from the stream: one of the directors said that they did this to increase the chance to partake in the incursion - conveniently not mentioning the payout rules, which are anything but an invitation for more people to take part. Wrong solution, again, or a very myopic vision …

The only solution is to give Highsec incursions its own category. It should be some kind of tutorial which can be done in frigates or t1 cruisers at best. If you want to experience the real incursions you can always go to low/null . HS Incursions should be there to learn the mechanics, if they want the real iskies they have to leave the noob/tutorial area.

We have to stop the carebears from calling themselves FCs when killing some highsec rats! this thingy breeds the most toxic kind of “FC” in New Eden. The ones leaving the ship first when things go wrong…

@CCP_Swift I hope you are aware of the Incursion problem.


Man that sucks.
Why don’t the incursion players just give safety all of their stuff?
I think we can do more with it anyway. You’ll have more fun in eve knowing a better player is utilizing your assets to its fullest.

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Then new accounts that are created to specifically gank cannot gank because the player would be hindering their own progress, basically reverse griefing.

To Gank or not to Gank

“To gank or not to gank, that is the question.” It is believed that Shakespeare was actually a Java programmer and this famous line was originally recorded as

boolean question = (_2b)||!(_2b);

But that’s just a legend… :wink:

…And according to boolean logic, the question is true.

by Zaera Keena June 11, 2024

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Like I stated, any new accounts that are created by players who are known to gank, cannot create such accounts due to reverse griefing, or the old time player creating accounts to create the illusion of a new account.



Something else that’s interesting Mexican drug cartels sell permits to cross the river into the USA, if you try to cross without one it’s big trouble. I wonder what came 1st the mining permit or the river crossing permit …

Well seeing as there was no mining, or anything else for that matter in EVE before 23341 and it is curently 2024 on Earth - have a wild guess Professor Red.

Are you ok , you seem a bit snappy in your response of late

And forum ranting threads could be considered content.

Somehow I imagine Mr @ISD_Traindriver Sir being the best forum ganker of them all!

Ganking killing content!


How he escapes being concorded, I do not know.

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So are the incursion runners happy now

And remember some are planning on baiting home fronts now

@Roxana_Dawn I agree that Ganking is killing content but not in the way you mentioned.
Those who get ganked are content for the gankers so yes, they are killing content by ganking them :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was a very clever comment!

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