Ganking killing content

You are not a victim when a group of people decide to complete the content earlier than you would like for it to be completed. People existing and playing the game how it is intended is not griefing. It sucks when a combat site gets completed before you get to it, but you are not a victim because of it. Stop being so selfish and work around people wanting to kill the Incursion super before you.

Yes, it can be.
CCP specifically explains that killing people or “hindering their progression” is griefing.

Something does not need to be forbidden or impossible to be griefing.

It depends. You can be. blanket statements like the previous “you can never be a victim in a game” are stupid.
You can be a victim of anything that you are at loss from.
People can be a victim of me completing their site faster than they do.
You can be victim of NPC having infinite targeting range.
You can be victim of hole eviction. Of corporation theft. etc.

The term “victim” only means that you are on the receiving end of something unwillingly negative. It does not need to be real, that’s a plain BS affirmation.
You all making a fuss about how people can’t be victim in a game is a plain troll. They can. There are.

And in that case people are victim of mechanism abuse, which is used to deny everybody the access to content.

Poor stefnia Freir. Always the victim.

It’s weird how they don’t do anything about that.

It’s almost like you are wrong?


Completing content for yourself is not considered hindering other’s progress. Rookie griefing does NOT apply to incursion runners.

What is this hypothetical situation where you can be a victim when someone else completes game content? You do NOT have sole ownership of game content, others are allowed to participate. YOU are the one trying to gatekeep here. You can be upset that people complete stuff before you do…but it is not griefing or ganking. No content is denied, it just moves, keeping an incursion in a place actually could be considered abuse as it doesn’t allow the systems to go back to normal for it’s inhabitants, not the other way around.

Yes but these days others want to claim the gankers badge of honour and so any ship kill is a gank now.

I often hear "damn I was ganked " his friends say oh no bad luck , when in fact what he means is " I ■■■■■■ up and did not scout or use d-scan and died in a pointless way "

If I was a ganker I’d be mad others are using this pure form of PvP in this way :hugs:

Which I did not claim, read again. My claim was, that this is griefing accord to CCP.
This griefing is forbidden under specific cases - it’s still griefing otherwise.

You are the one claiming you can’t, so unless you can prove it, that assertion of yours is stupid.
What is asserted without a proof, is dismissed without a proof.

But that’s never been the issue. Read again, instead of making strawmen.

I am not. That’s defamation, I did not make the strawman argument you rely on.

That’s the issue : content is actually denied. It disappears for a day, and the next day they do the exact same thing. People just can’t access the content.

THAT is what I understood OP as, as a part of a global rant from other people who can’t do incursions because some people keep shooting the mom before incursion runners can access the content.

wait until he discovers that CCP released the mining crystal C-type to literally deny moon ore to other miners. Miner vs Miner griefing!

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You claim this when you are quoting from what they said about rookie griefing.

You can’t prove that something doesn’t exist, you only disprove by pointing to something existing.

That is what you are arguing though, or at least the people you are trying to defend.

You are by defending the actions of those who are.

No it’s not. Playing the game and completing the last site IS intended. It’s not intended to be farmed but it does happen. The gatekeeping are those trying to prevent the completion of the last site.

They aren’t unable to do the incursion though! They can and are doing the incursion just fine. They are whining because they have to move to another location and that someone else did their content. They are whining because they have to share public content. The super doesn’t even spawn until the incursion is run!

Ok, it’s griefing. I agree.

Now what?

No I don’t.

Therefore your claim that it does not exist is BS ?

Actually you can prove that something does not logically exist.

This only apply to logical arguments.


Not at all.

And you are off topic again.

That’s not the case. When the mom is killed, the incursion is on cooldown before it respawns.

Exactly. It respawns. And it respawns in like 12-36 hours. Its not like it happens only once a month.

If a player feels “hurt” when other players do legit game moves because they can’t stand losing an ingame confrontation, they should simply stop playing this game. Their instant solution to stop the pain is bound to the Alt+F4 button. People who really feel RL-hurt over a loss in a videogame should seriously consider taking a deep breath and either switching to a game that is less stressful or seeking advice/help to improve their mental state. You don’t go watch a horror movie and then complain if you are scared so much that you can’t sleep any more… and suddenly it’s the moviemakers fault that you feel bad.

Making someones pixel spaceship explode is not “killing the player” (aka RL-person behind the avatar), I really have to question your sanity here. Just because the ingame report is named “killmail”, that clearly doesn’t refer to the PLAYER, but the AVATAR SPACESHIP. Are you mad?

A virtual world is just virtual, it isn’t real. If you feel any kind of uncomfort or pain or whatever you can’t endure, JUST LEAVE IT. If you can’t deal with other players in a game, don’t play multiplayer games. If you enter a virtual world to flee from the real world and see it as adequate replacement for your real world where all your real world rights and needs apply, you have a serious mental problem. Stop playing and take care for your health instead! Go out, enjoy nature, grow some skin. But be careful that you don’t become the ‘victim’ of a mosquito or a fresh breeze that makes you shiver. There won’t be a dev to complain to.

You’re derailing.
What you feel like they should do in that case does not change that this can happen.

Or learn to read. Their avatar can be killed, which I wrote.

Point is, you are claiming BS when you pretend players can’t be victims in a video game.

But that’s not the topic.
You are trolling by making so many off-topic stupid arguments.

What’s more this is victim blaming, so even more trolling.

So what? Anything ‘can happen’. It’s completely irrelevant because humans can “feel hurt” for the absurdest reasons. If you “feel hurt” over a pixel spaceship loss or a vanished PvE site then you have a serious mental problem, don’t pretend it is an EVE problem that needs fixing. It isn’t. The player simply isn’t emotionally ready to play a competitive game, thats all.

Their avatar being killed is not a problem at all. The goddamn game is MADE FOR AVATARS BEING KILLED. You agree to that possibility by joining the game. And you have a huge arsenal of options to avoid it if you are just learning the game mechanics and don’t be lazy. Your answer has nothing to do with my statement, again, their hurt feelings over their avatar being killed aren’t an EVE problem. If there is a problem at all it’s a personality problem and it has to be solved outside of EVE Online.

No I am not, I am constructive and give helpful advice how to improve the situation for those affected. It’s you who constantly repeats that they are helpless, that they can’t do anything, that the game, the devs, the other players or whoever are somehow evil and mean to them for making the game how it is. Stop belitteling them, you do them no favor, you are the one keeping them down by constantly confronting them with a false impression of despair and hopelessness.

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so you’re off topic.

You’re off topic again.

You are completely off topic therefore never constructive.

I did not talk about evil.
I said people who can only have fun when making other people suffer suffer from a disorder.
On the contrary of what you’re doing, I’m not trying to impose what other people should do. I’m saying, you can’t expect to want to make other people suffer and be considered a reasonable person.

Also you claimed they can’t be victim, which was BS, and I repeat that because you fail to understand what OP means.

You complain that I answer you on a forum. That’s hypocritical.
You could stop derailing the thread with complete off-topic arguments.
You chosing the later instead of the former is what makes you a troll.

And you can’t. You are playing a game and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It doesn’t make you a ‘victim’. You aren’t a victim if you lose a pawn in chess, you aren’t a victim if you get headshotted in a shooter and you aren’t a victim if you get ganked in EVE online. You are also not a victim if someone doesn’t answer to your Whatsapp status within 5 minutes, even if it “makes you feel hurt”. Your feelings are irrelevant, as long as there is no malicious act by someone against your person (not your avatar or your online groups of avatars), there can’t be a ‘victim’, just a player who has lost and can’t deal with that.

more spam, I see.

Yes you are.
You are victim of a gank. That’s the definition.

Claiming that you can’t be a victim of a gank in Eve is stupid.
THAT is your point. It is BS.

Thats your definition. Which is a stupid one. The ganked ship was a target and the pilot was tanking part in a PvP game. He didn’t play his cards well, didn’t use his options and thus lost a perfectly legit engagement in this game. His spaceship exploded, he (the player) isn’t a victim, can’t be, because nothing malicious was undertaken against him (the player).

Please, answer a simple question: I suppose you know what a “Shooter” Game is. Now if I shoot someone from behind while he is equipping at a shop, is he a “victim”? Lets assume

  • he wanted to win the game
  • he DIDN’T want to be shot by me
  • his avatar died to my action
  • he will respawn with some equipment lost
  • he “feels hurt” about me shooting him from behind and making him lose his equipment

Is he a “victim”?