Garbage UI question

In the Developer stream CCP stated that the new garbage UI is going to be the only UI. I am trying to use the garbage UI but even with compact mode on it still is taking up too much room!

My question is how do you change the font/icon size in the Inventory screen? I could see all of my containers before I switched to the garbage UI but the garbage UI won’t show them all. I have looked for a font size adjustment in the setting menu for the garbage UI but there is not one I found.

Edit- Found there is a font size change but it does not effect the Inventory screen at all!


It’S a really weird setting that does more harm than it offers benefits. It is supposed to change the font size of the window header text among other things. But in the station panel it also increases the font size of the guest list entries. It’s just ridiculous. :joy:

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Correction, garbage Inventory Screen :smiley:


You had me at Garbage UI…


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