Gardan's Private Key

I’ve picked up this key in an escalation site. the description is…

Gardan personally distributes keys to the acceleration gate near his Fantasy Complex. These unlock the acceleration gate behind it and the gate will remain open for a short period of time. The access cards are single-use.

Is this key ONLY for use at the acceleration gate in room 2 of this escalation as it state ssingle use btu doesnt disappaer from my inventory when acessing the gate. Or is there another site where this can be used?


Keys were disabled in DED5 complexes a long time ago. The key does nothing, you don’t have to pick it up.

Source: Used to run these all the time, never bothered blowing up the fantasy complex, the gate to the final room unlocks after all the non-turret NPCs are destroyed.

Same goes for the other DED5s as well. Although the Sansha one can unlock early before all the NPCs are dead if you shoot the right targets.

Edit: The fantasy complex does have a VERY small chance of dropping a piece of Domination faction loot. But the chance is so minuscule it is almost never worth chewing through its HP.


Never knew that, thank you.

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I’m not sure if the keys were actually disabled, they’re still in the game for a reason, possibly to be used as a short cut to blitz the room and access the gate without having to destroy all the NPC’s.

I kill all the rats anyway, nice bounties with all those BS in there, pretty easy to do with 2 characters too.

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