What do Creations Central Pass's open?

I have loads of Creations Central Pass’s that I got from a mission years ago. I have never found out what they were for.
Does any one know?

Simple search. Not even sure it’s still needed for anything. If I remember correctly, items like these were used in the long lost past to unlock the acceleration gates into DED or unrated plexes. However, this feature was removed a long time ago for almost every plex because it removed the risk of getting caught by hostiles when you are inside such a complex. Nowadays, most of these items are just fluff and useless clutter.

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@Dyver_Phycad is correct, that key was for 6/10 DED site - Sansha War Supply Complex - and is no longer needed.


I thought it was a key for access to another room within a Cosmos Complex.

Been a lot of years since I’ve entered Cosmos Complex’s but I think they still use gate keys for access to the various rooms within those complex’s.

Reason I think that is because Cosmos Agents usually give out keys with their mission so players can venture further into the complex to retrieve mission specific items.

Basically it’s a time sink, each time you go deeper into the complex you have to clear out the NPC’s in each room. If all the gates were unlocked in Cosmos Complexes, it would be way too easy for players to complete the Cosmos missions. Players would only have to enter the complex once, collect everything and then complete all of the Agent’s missions one right after the other without having to go back into the complex.

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