Garoun Royal Wedding - 26th September YC120

With all the recent troubling news going on such as errant vessels sparking a CONCORD manhunt and belligerent wormholes setting the stage for a potentially volatile situation this is a nice change of tune for what is reported on the old news channels. I for one wish Ensî Batteuse and Ensîl Consort Alaila a prosperous, stable and enduring union in the decades ahead of us and that they have many years of happiness together.

It was extraordinarily interesting to be exposed to a cultural aspect of the Garoun that I was quite unaware of until now concerning their marriage customs, especially reading about the individuals representing figures from their religion. Even more so that several distinguished guests were in attendance such as the Quafe Corporation Chief Executive Officer, delegations from planetary and regional governments including the Intaki Assembly and a corporate representative of the Caldari Sukuuvesta Corporation, the latter especially considering the chequered history that SuVee have had with the Federation in the past. I will say that I personally found the ‘war of words’ peculiar as a metric of proving commitment, but it is not my place to question their culture and it seemed to have proven popular with those in attendance.


And I have to point out that it is an example of how primitive the gallentean ‘culture’ is. Technically, when you have a background beat to lyrics you lose the expression. You can give expression to words either with tone - then it becomes a song, or you can read with expression controlling length, but if you have a beat you can’t do that, you have given length going in patterns. What you have left is a volume, but you use the accent in volume already to match lines of poetry with a metric.

It may sound like the did something of high culture, but if you just listen to… THIS… without autotranslator, it will be monotonous croaking, like they are toads. Like frogs, really, just like we call them in the Warzone. You can’t listen to that without facepalming. It’s not culture. It’s tasteless gallentean nonsense that should just be kept inside their border and should be banned completely in the territory of the State. How could you imagine that people who show skin in public could do something resembling a real art of culture? Have you seen their paintings they were selling for millions of isk? With just couple lines and geometric figures? And they pay for THAT?.. And they listen to THIS?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t really care what they do in their Federation, if they croak all together and like it, whatever, their time, their lives. But I am not going to stay silent when they broadcast that censored outside of Federal borders. You know, what is even more disturbing, one of pseudo-“Caldari” mercs dared to challenge ME to participate in such disgraceful sort of… “contest”.

We must fight gallente, and not only protect ourselves from their armed invasion and oppression of their occupants, but we must protect ourselves from their propaganda and from their degrading tasteless semblance of culture as well. For this we have our own weapons: education and proper culture.

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Yeah, best wishes to Ensî Beatrice and Ensîl Consort Jeras. Is it just me, or does that sound like a Caldari name?

Uetiken came as a surprise. You’d expect a liberal to send reps, not a practical. It makes a kind of sense. It would be business savvy, no matter diplomatically savvy, to treat the discrete entities inside of the Federation as such, rather than lumping them together. Cultivating a relationship with the Ensînate of Central Garoun separate from the Federal level of governance is clever. It spares them from internal critique that, in the past, has been directed at liberals for being friendly with the Feds. And it doesn’t step on Ishukone’s toes, either, since they seem to prefer the Intaki.

It does make me wonder if SuVee’s relationship with the Ensînate and the Batteuse royal family is longer than we know. I wonder, too, who the new Ensîl Consort is, and if SuVee’s interest in the wedding is through him. In either case, these are exciting times. It gives me hope for peace.


My congratulations to the royal couple have already been formally conveyed but I have got to say that I had no idea of this custom of a commitment challenge where a freestyle musical performance was a possibility. I knew this was on the calendar but in the end I had to RSVP that I regrettably could not attend (the anniversary of the Jubilee obviously meant that there would be a maddening number of Imperial Loyalist pomp-filled events to endure).

I’m extremely disappointed now though that I missed out on what sounds like an actually enjoyable wedding ceremony. Oh well, I hope they like the gift I sent. Whatever it was. I guess I should ask someone.


You got an invite and you didn’t bring me as your +1? I thought we were friends!

Yeah, the timing seems unfortunate, when considered against the jubilee. You have to wonder if that was an intentional decision. Goodness knows the tabloids have all relocated across the border to cover those Amarr parties, and paparazzi are the worst wedding guests.

What kind of wedding gift would a person get a royal, anyway? Trying to imagine someone with a crown ripping open gift wrap to reveal monogrammed towelettes and failing.


If I find out that someone on my staff sent them monogrammed towelettes I will not be happy.

EDIT: A donation was made in the name of the couple to a nature reserve.


Curiosities. Objects that are unique. The object does not have to be intrinsically valuable, it is the rarity that gives it meaning. Things like, a wooden statuette of a slaver hound, carved from a piece of 8,000 year old bog oak. A semiconductor wafer from the time of the first Gallente spaceflight program. A geode of unusual colour or size. A crystal skull.

You know. Crap.




An astute observation, Detective. I would be guilty of automatically concluding that SuVee would have some stratagem in play, it befits their general methodology with these sorts of situations, but one can always hope that their intentions by developing connections to the Ensînate of Central Garoun are good.

The first steps towards building a lasting peace between the Federation and the State are by creating, nurturing and sustaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Let us hope this is but the start of a new détente between our two nations.


I am unfamiliar with the political motives behind all this, but this was a wonderful read. I wish I could have seen the verse exchange! Do you think there’s video?


I would imagine so, Captain Vuld. I would believe that a major factor for the longevity of these institutions are the relationships they have with their citizens, and the public nature of these ceremonies are a means of connecting with them through exposure into a part of their collective cultural history. A reminder of sorts into their past and keeping it alive.

As for the verse exchange? It’s an unorthodox metric of proving one’s commitment to another sure enough, but one that requires great confidence and skill to effectively weave a tale with your words on the fly. Truly remarkable, I’ll say. I imagine one can find recordings of it on the GalNet, but I feel that to fully experience the atmosphere and the passion presented, one would have had to be there in person to bear witness to it in its full glory.


I mean, people have been writing love poems to each other since the beginning of language, really. It doesn’t seem much different from that.


I would contend that writing poetry with the ability to think and edit as you go is slightly different to being put on the spot, willingly I might add, to express on the fly one’s affection and adoration for your opposite partner. To be able to do so, fluently and with such impact that the crowd indicated their clear approval of her skill, requires an incredible command of language and oratorical technique. It’s not an easy task, but one that she undertook out of her love for him.

Of course, the emotions that instigate the creation of poetry or the expression of love through oratory are one and the same, you are correct in that regard. Maybe I am just being pedantic in this regard.


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