Geckos are webified and destroyed - could I do something to avoid or counter this?

Hi. I really love the Gecko mand use it a lot. This works great in Level 4 missions. But sometimes my geckos are destroyed. I try to recall them but they’re moving so slow that I think they are webified. Can I do something against this situation?

Heavy Drones (your Geckos) are meant to be used against Battleship class ships; smaller ships like Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers may very well go after your drones, so if you really want to reduce the chances for losing your precious drone(s) you should kill the enemies that webs.

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… or repair your Geckos on the way back to you (Shield/Armor transfer).

about killing: There are a lot of enemies around. How should I identify where the webification comes from.

about: remote repair: normally I’m over a 100 km away. I checked the range of the remote armor or shield repair with is much less ;(

For missions, look them up on eve-survival.

I know Eve Survival but what do you mean?

The mission description will tell you what npc ships are involved, which ones are webbers, what damage to tank against and what damage to do to them. Also, you can usually get a feel for what tactics will work best. Hint: make sure to ready any comments attached to the report.

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In lvl 4s it’s always little ships that web and scram, so I always sent out small drones and killed those first. Not only to protect larger drones, but ensure I can warp out too.


Correct, that’s a problem, isnt it? :slight_smile:
Simply, just dont use your expensive drones in that cases, make different groups of drones for each case and decide which group is more suitable for the current situation.

Using wisely the different kinds of drones in EvE is a matter of experience, tactics and a lot of… training.

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You can use shield and/or armor repair drones to repair your drones. :wink:

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It may just be simpler to use sentries on everything that isn’t right next to you. They track in missions well enough.

Then keep a side your gecko or a flight of smalls for when things come in close.

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drone navigation computer(s), drone navigation skill up

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yeah its called kill all frigates first than let the drones fly.

if you need more geckos, There’s people in Jita selling them for a mil isk.

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Yes, you can avoid that situation by not using Geckos but some other drones, like Ogres, or even better use Sentries since you are 100 km away, and MJD around the room picking your drones and redeploying them.

Geckos are best used by the rattlesnake. other drone ships it doesn’t make good sense to use them, as you end up with left over bandwidth you can’t efficiently use.
Also dont be 100k away

I have had good results with Geckos on a hyperion with drone mods but still ran into an occasional loss. They are pricey little birds now though.

Those wacko gackos :smile: