General overall gameplay?

I was just wondering what everybody likes to do in game? It’s not that I’m bored or trying to gain intel for my own purposes but curious and would like to hear from other capsuleers on what they enjoy overall or does your gameplay change to something different to come back to it later?

I myself like ALL of every aspect of the game. Sometimes, i rat or mission, sometimes I get bold and fly around roaming low sec or null to be nosey. Lately, I’ve been mining and exploration & trade ventures to test different regions. My preference changes overtime as i just enjoy it all. Am i the only one who can’t find just one or two activities to enjoy playing EvE?


Having a variety of activities makes EVE interesting. I really like fleeting up for PVP though I’ve not had the time for that recently. Exploration is always fun too.

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I feel the same way, though the Invasion gave me a real taste for ninja salvaging.

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Exerting my will upon others, either by force, finance, manipulation or a combination of the three.


And roaming low sec in the quiet moments.


Right, everybody in EvE is a spy one way or the other.

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Trading, industry, combat exploration. One of those worst players that avoid PvP :wink:

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Lately I have been setting up my indie alts to be drug manufacturers/dealers :slight_smile:

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There is nothing negative about players avoiding PvP (in reference to direct ship to ship confrontation, as I guess that is what you are refering to). The bad people are the ones who demand not having to avoid it in the first place.


I like to travel in low sec and get chased around.
I don’t seem to have much time for that like I did in the old days.
Maybe I’ll look for a small Corp and lend a hand.


Did the same, but all the way out to the edges of null.

These days its more highsec and WH.

There are some good small corps, i got lucky on that side of things.

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