General thoughts

No one cares if they go away, in fact (as said) it’d be better for the game. Also, you’re not interested if people go away or not, you’re only interested in how this all affects you personally.

Dude where do you get your ideas about what interests me from?
I’d like to understand what exactly CCPs goal is and how they hope to achieve it - by all looks it’s going to make Stuff more expensive and i don’t see how this can be a good thing towards creating content.

Because it’s hilariously obvious

wow you’re full of ■■■■…
Also you’re not making any arguments for anything?
Whats that rambling about multiboxers supposed to be for?
They are less sensitive to any changes so are you pointing out CCP isn’t adressing that? How could they?

We all agree minerals are getting more expensive but you’re not saying whats good about that and why doing it in this fashion?
So multiboxers can make 10 bil instead of 5 per day for putting overall less stuff on the market?

Would it not be better to have them earn more by having more movement on the market? They could do that by fixing sov and faction warefare for example and everyone would win out. How does any EVE player win out by having less? You’re not making a point, let alone explaining it…

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That right there is proof. You bring it as if those people (you being one of them) are doing us all a favour, that’s your angle as I stated earlier.

It’s not “any player”, it’s “the player with an idiotic amount of mining grind alts” (you). By taking out the massive grind clowns (you) the other miners will do better because their production is now valued higher.

As I said earlier: I don’t give two fcks about some grind clown, I’d rather lose 3 grind clowns with 5 accounts each if that means 2 other miners who just started playing or are doing things the normal way have it better. If that means that the prices for things I need go up then so be it.

It’s funny how you claim to make it better for everyone but it’s really just a lie, you’re only in it for yourself, while I’m ok with having to pay more for stuff if that means the overall economy and player income is more healthy.

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The only change that would be worthy would be to make resources finite.
Until then, this is just a place where secret kings and smart boys can delude themselves about “loss” in a video game.

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This is feeble fear mongering.

More mining and cheaper ships didn’t lead to more pvp. Less mining and more expensive ships won’t lead to less pvp.

We have enough reserves to last a loooong time. Even the sudden drop in ore will not lead to dramatic price changes. The next phase may be introduced well before we run low on minerals.

On the contrary, z0ra_Berg is right, scarcity drives conflict (aka content).

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My general thoughts are this game needs some revision of its core gameplay to make it more engaging. I have been playing for 7 years and it just gets so damn boring. PvP my all time favourite activity has lost its luster. Never thought I’d be bored at a strat op or even small gang.

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Bwahahahahahahahaa the only mining ship i own is a Procurer named “Not Bait” - i bet i’d have some really good salt yield if you’d met her :smiley:

I like being able to buy ships without having to spend more time ratting than roaming because market prices are ■■■■ - thats the favour miners do for me so i don’t have to sit my ass sore in a belt, shooting stupid space rocks.

And beside your idiotic failure to use base logic you’re still failing to explain how this is supposed to have more effect on multiboxers than it does for solo pilots or whatever you think of as “normal” - it won’t for all i can see.

How many of this same whine threads do we need? It’s not like any of you miners has something interesting to say that even deserves a dedicated thread.


Only as long as markets don’t actually dry up over this and having cheap ships shurely allows me to welp more of them but i get that this isn’t everyones playstyle.
So there is some range to tweak things but PVP must still remain sustainable no matter what - from this follows my question what exactly CCP hopes to achieve here. Pushing idustrialists to build less bigger hulls to keep up with demand for smaller ones maybe?

CCPs statement for now is scarcity phase for gathering data - what kind of data i wonder? Depending on how long this is going to last people who have stock piles will get pretty rich quite soon and after that “dynamic distribution” wich really doesn’t say anything about what to expect but if they don’t intend to crash the market they can’t go super crazy on raw availability of minerals so what if anything will really change and how does it justify the effort in dev time?

Haven’t been online in some days. But it looks like CCP got even more fond of shitty popups :rofl:.

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I found that I had to move the other character into fleet commander position to give him the fleet boss role. I was kinda miffed but then thought makes sense. I don’t think it was a bug, I think it was deliberate.

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CCP don’t care about mining or pve.

They lost the way of the sandbox long ago…

‘Eve is a pvp game’ and ‘pvp only’ is the new agenda.

The meaning of this nerfs is to get rid of mining and pve so that the 5k(best guess) pvp players can get their wet dream of pvp only with the other people that share this wet dream…

This will kill eve because 5k will not be enough to cover the costs but they don’t care…the devs have pearl abyss,they will keep their job anyway…

More PA games in the future yay…

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I had tryed that and didn’t work, now i can make anyone boss again so at least this ■■■■ is fixed. It really doesn’t make sense when im FC but another char has the combat probes, even worse when theres multiple scouts and roles have to be changed on the fly etc…

I don’t think getting rid of the leeches that drain PLEX from the market and saturate it with their ore will have any impact on CCPs income, since you are not the people actually giving them money. It will hopefully fix some seriously broken parts of the game and make it more interesting for everyone again.

Next one making this claim - how so?
I don’t get how this is supposed to have less effect on the small guy than on multiboxers.
What do you think how CCP is going to achieve this?

I don’t care about “the little guy”. At the moment resources are so abundant that everyone can just sit tight, farm all day as much as they please and print titans.

The idea of CCP is to make resources scarce so they have to fight about them again.

Miners will become even more important in all of this. I mean real miners, not the min/max farmers that just want to farm in isolation, we don’t need those, never have.

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That guy is a self entitled, stupid brick. He thinks he belongs to the smartest and most important people, because CCP made him feel that way. He’s literally their former target audience, who probably spent a lot of money on this game, just as CCP wanted him to.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, with him realizing that he just has been used for filling CCP’s wallet, makes him explode into this impotent, princessesque rage. He realized that he’s been used, that he’s not actually welcome, that he’s not the center of the universe and that he can ■■■■ right off again with no one missing him.

Thank you for your money, @Zuccini_Vaselini.

And on top of all of that, I’m now pointing out that someone with the name Zuccini Vaselini most likely has some weird sexual practises I do not want to know more about.



Excessive multiboxers are finding it vastly more difficult to run 10+ Rorquals constantly when the rocks they are mining are smaller in Ore volume and thus pop more frequently. This means that a multiboxer needs to spend more time micromanaging his Rorquals to move them around.

Before these changes, a player with 10+ Rorquals could simply park their ships on a Spodumain rock and go afk for literal hours. I’ve seen people in my own alliance go for 3-4 hours uninterrupted due to the amount of ore volume contained. If anything happens, their Near2 or other intel program pops up an alert, they alt tab back in, and hit the PANIC button and wait for rescue.

Smaller miners won’t be impacted as much, since they only need to manage one, two, or maybe three Rorquals at most. This change is directed at making it much more difficult (by increasing the micromanagement required) for excessive multiboxers who run vastly more accounts.

At some point, they’ll realize that they’re spending more effort than is worth. If a rock is cleared out in 2 cycles rather than 20, they need to move every 10 minutes. That means red-cycling Indy Core, warping around to a ping, warping to a new ping, setting up, etc. Multiply this over 10+ accounts, and you can see the out-of-game effort stacking up fairly rapidly.