General thoughts

So I’m not here to compress more salt about the mining changes or any of that. All in all, resources allocations revamp is way overdue and I’ll touch on that at the end.

But folks, just take a hard look at the bugs list.

None of what they wanted to roll out as features have been well received and in fact these changes all broke functionality that players had gotten very used to and comfortable with.

I realize there’s no test realm that they beta this stuff ahead of General release but is there even any form of QC in the development offices? There seems to a complete lack of testing and polish. Just shoving this stuff out and damage control.

I am honestly about to just throw my hands up and walk away from taking this game even remotely serious. If the developers don’t care to test and polish this before they shove it down our throats why am I even here?

Then to close the loop on the resources issues - if it’s a known problem to the devs, that resources allocations with infinite ore spawns + infinite production capacity (sotiyos/structure spam/etc) * skill injectors to create an almost insatiable, instantaneous pipeline of Titan/super proliferation among any group willing and able to hold a few constellations, and it takes ccp this long to react to that… what a joke man. I mean come on! You literally hold the needle for the crack heads to inject over the course of what… 2-3 years? And now you wanna get a spine and realize you messed up with the game design?

Idk man. Like I said the full supply and demand equations are so broken that even a child with basic high school economics theories can see this. It takes you YEARS to come to grips with that. And now that you have a playerbase high on infinite harvest and production capacity you wanna cut it off cold turkey.

At first i thought yeah this won’t be as bad as blackout. But after a night of sleep and reading some more people’s perspectives, I think this could be much much worse. If I were you guys, I wouldn’t linger in the “data gathering” phase for too long. And the concern here is you’ve already admitted with blackout you let that go on for too long too. So you knew the situation was in the wrong direction, knew you had data, but didn’t react. Didn’t pivot. This causes the breakdown in trust.

All of this is why I am just gonna sit here and watch and wait to see how and when the changes materialize and what that new reality looks like and if it looks like any fun.


You’re not being honest.

Yup, it’s a messy update. Then again an old school EVE player will just be happy it won’t take 5 days for the server to come back up and that windows boot files were still in tact.

Those are not bugs, they’re changes. This is where you’re not being honest.

If you want to make a point and be taken serious you have to be honest and factual. Now you’re just whining.


I am not being disingenuous and am not calling these new features bugs. The new features suck and broke a bunch of actually useful stuff, arguably basic functionality.

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If triggering a visual and audio pop up every few seconds while salvaging wrecks isn’t a bug in the software it’s clearly one in the devs head, same for forcing this ugly nonsense without a way to turn it off in the first place.


Note that this is not what the OP has stated. He’s talking about balancing, resources etc etc. He is NOT talking about bugs.

Also it’s not a bug, it’s a design choice. A shitty one yes but a choice, NOT a bug.

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I’m talking about all of this ■■■■ patch.

Yes I’m talking about the riddles with bugs release

I’m talking about these new crap features being crap and literally breaking a bunch of solid depended upon functionality.

Read man.


I dont think those were ment to be related points like you read it.
I also noticed the fleet menue is broken - can’t make another pilot fleet boss. Another one is not being able to stack items… Theres enough Bugs in this release…


I KNOW there a ton of bugs with this update and it’s terrible, this should not happen to the extend that it did.

My point is that the OP is riding with the “buggy ■■■■ update” wave to add in his dislike of BALANCE choices, then names a whole bunch of balance choices he doesn’t like while not EVER stating an actual bug issue.

So again, the OP is disingenuous in his post.

No you’re being dramatic and obtuse.

It’s a ■■■■ patch. I am not going to restate every single bug when I reference just going for yourself to the bug thread.

That’s part of the patch that doesn’t need editorializing. It’s black and white for everyone.

Dishonest good lord. What a morroon

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If this was “INTENDED” to trigger every few seconds while im salvaging i’ll demand the responsible dev fired before i spend any more money on this company…

Now to the mineral ballance changes i think theres 2 ways CCP can do this

  1. do enough to make miners quit wich will leave the rest of us thunder doming in velators
  2. do so little that mining is still viable, thus nothing changes

Take food from an eco system and you will have less animals in the area - thats what CCP does by nerving availability of ore.
I really don’t see how making toys harder to come by is supposed to lead to more content or less monopolisation - maybe someone can enlitgthen me? Or it’s the same kind of stupid as the pop up spamming - wouldn’t put it past them after black out…


I’m fine with resource seperation across the game world. I’m not ok with the one cycle rocks and also seperation, and also removal of entire ores from game (when do I get my crokite processing so back?).

I dislike how they are killing the only reason I play EVE. I don’t rorqal mine, I don’t bot stop mine. I like chilling in a belt hanging out, watching Intel relaxing. Its my preferred role in game. CCP might not find that fun, you might not find that fun, but its why I pay two accounts…one pvp occasionally the other mines.

This patch makes my hulk too efficient for null, aside from once a week moon mining. It makes my procurer a high maintenance ship, and turns my relaxing time mining into approaching rocks.

Surely there are better ways to deal with bot mining ops that strip a system clean?

I’m actually debating going back to HS and doing this bit with was access to markets and less risk…I won’t have to deal with transport and taxes…

Was this the point? Kill nulls appeal focus on WH and make HS a pve safe haven? What happened to the sandbox of eve,why this CCP forced direction of playstyle?

And to be clear I don’t care about the money, I made more in high sec than in null because in a small op miner. I liked the gameplay. That is gone I feel…it doesnt make sense to hang out in a belt with friends anymore


A few years ago they introduced the gong sound, where if you killed something there’d be a loud Gong which you couldn’t really lower in volume nor disable. Not a problem for miners or devs who don’t play the game because they never really hear it, a massive problem for people who do missions, ratting or similar.

They put it on the test server, we told them en masse that it was terrible, dumb and you’d have to be an idiot to like it let alone develop it. They put it in the patch notes and we told them: this is dumb as fck.

Then they put it on TQ, live, and the flood gates opened of people who didn’t check test server or patch notes and started crying on the forums. Within 24 hours of that update going live CCP openly rescinded it going “well this is dumb”, never to be seen again.

Yes it’s retarded, yes there must have been a bunch of devs who thought it was a good idea, went through testing etc etc etc. I’m sure that fairly soonish they’ll come to that same conclusion as earlier: it’s dumb, lets get rid of it.

On your miner stuff: it doesn’t matter. If resources are easy to get they lower in value, if they are harder to get they go up in value so your income stays the same. Nothing changes other than non-effort miners quitting, meaning there’s a bigger part of the pie for miners who are willing to put in (brain) effort.

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But, gave a like for using paragraphs. Well done! :wink:


While having brought less ships to the market - so QED?
Is this ment so less people can afford the bigger ships?
What do you think the price for ships should be?

Sorry - TL:DR ■■■■ patch all the way around but my main complaint is the half baked technical failures and the fact that ccp is choosing to toss out “solutions” to stagnation without a plan of attack.

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Keep talking we’re not convinced you’re completely ignorant yet.
Just because the bar is low from previous failures doesn’t make it right.

Also, I agree in fundamentals with the resource changes but their process and approach is making it up as they go and they have no trust remaining from blackout fiasco

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That’s not correct. When prices for minerals aren’t being driven down by hoardes of people who aren’t even playing, then other people will come and willingly do it. When the environment allows for mining to be more competitive, then PvPers will either start doing it themselves or make sure they have miners to protect, because where there’s even just a hint of scarcity there’s content waiting to happen.


And who would that be? Returning Hulk pilots who had quit because of rorquals? A similar thing was supposed to happen with PVPers during black out but didn’t.
Or new players picking up the profession? Maybe but not if their every action is confimed by a pop up and ping sound.

So yes, mineral prices are bound to rise, thus less pew pew for the same amount of ISK spent - sounds like content waiting to happen instead of actually happening to me?

I get that right now is supposed to be scarecity phase so no telling how the distribution will be in the end but if it’s a significant nerv it may well crash all markets to crap.
Or it’s not significant and everything stays basically as is - in that case why waste the dev time?

Changing the raw yield would be different again - how much ore a miner can pull in a given time affects pilots individually on a time spent basis. But here it’s about availability, how many miners the land can feed so to speak and ultimately how much content the land can feed.

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If the value of your effort goes up it means one of two things will happen.

  • you get more income with the same effort
  • your income stays the same with less effort

Scarcity and effort = value. If things take more effort to obtain (in whatever way) then the value of those products go up. This really isn’t rocket science.

Taking care of the top 5% of idiotic supercap grinders, be it ratting or mining, that’s done by autists with 17 accounts is a GOOD thing because it makes life better for normal players.

Players like newbies, casuals, people who don’t want to try-hard 40 mining accounts and people who want to actually play the game instead of afk grinding. Those people are FAR more important as they are the meat and potatoes of the game.

The autistic grinders running 5+ rorqual/super accounts who hate interaction, who “Want to just be left alone” and demand that the game makes up for their own lack of effort add nothing to the sandbox other than tears and whining. we can do just fine without those folks, the game would be better without them in fact.

and how are

more likely to go away than the casual player in the given scenario?
They are the ones who have stock piles and will make the most profit just as before.