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usual troll invasion :frowning:

He’s just the next on the list of idiots who thinks he’s important. Just look at his posts. He’s an angry manchild who thinks typing words on the internet makes him a tough guy.

He’s not wrong, though? Maybe Zuchini ran out of vegetables, or vaseline? I’m pretty sure if I was into that, or if that was in me, I’d be pretty angry if my whole sexlife stopped just because of a bad harvest.

Where? Zuccini is an idiot. He doesn’t deserve being treated well. He brought the behaviour of others onto himself.

Just by asking whats CCP really doing here? Noone forces you to answer me but you deem it necesary to smear your mental diarrhea all over this thread because you don’t like that im asking questions that don’t fit your narrative?
I’d say youre making it quite obvious whos the one who doesn’t have an opinon worth being heared.
Manybe you’d get layed more often if youe weren’t such an asshole and wouldn’t be so arroused over my user name either?

So the right way to play according to CCP is multiboxing - guess they won’t try too hard to get rid of them after all…


There is no “right way to play”.

No offense to you, but it’s literally written in their ad. :smiley:

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i know . i just thought this was funny


Oh… I need to learn how to read.

Now you’ve resorted to using unrelated tag lines in advertisements to try and bolster your position, lmao.

And this entire time you’ve still failed to follow along. The mining changes impact the specific case of excessive multiboxers who used to be able to park Rorquals on rocks and then go AFK for hours at a time. The ones that lead to ore prices dropping so far that titans were less than 50b and supers were close to 10b.

But I guess if you really don’t know what you’re talking and losing the argument, you’re gonna latch onto whatever thing you can find, cherry pick it out of context, and then declare victory for yourself. But that’s your prerogative, enjoy life never facing your problems like that.

nah just making fun of you :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok now you’re talking about people going AFK in those Rorquals for hours - again not a difference for multiboxers vs solo pilots right now since rocks are too small for anyone to go afk.
So do you think rock sizes will stay so small that rorqus are generally shitty for mining?

CCP have been nerving Caps for a while now so this seems to make some sense that they want them to be more pricy as well.

Calm down miner.

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I bet it wouldn’t. Bc tanky but no real dmg.

Firstly, I’m glad it annoys you.
Secondly, the reason you don’t know is due to you being nothing and not mattering in the slightest. You don’t need to know, so you don’t know. If you were important you would know. You don’t. If you were in any way involved in the changes you would know. You don’t.

You don’t know, because you don’t need to know. You don’t need to know because you don’t matter.

Why so salty?

This is you:


So they feel good about making themselves look stupid? Thats a weird hobby…

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I think you pretty much nailed it with that post. :joy:

I see Scoots is raging again.

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