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Hello there! (Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith)
General Obliviator!

Let’s get to the point. Hello, this is me speaking. I am a loyal and usually don’t engage in any profanity and don’t post anything such as GFYS, you piece of ****, etc. but this time, I got a bit out of temper and used wrong expressions for which I am partially sorry. This might be out of place in here, but I post this here because my last hope has abandoned me. So, here’s my formal apology. And I got banned about a month ago and miss EvE community, even though this is the worst community you could want to be in. Thank you for your time.

Sorry this is an image, couldn’t copy it, since made it on my school account by an accident.

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Is this from the future? Cause I don’t get it yet.

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You will.

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