Getting bulk typeIds for items only

I have an array of item names (extracted from fits), that I need to get the type_id for.
I wanted to use the /universe/ids endpoint, but apperently "Adaptive Invulnerability Field II is not a unique name. Therefor I cannot use that enpoint reliably. Any idea wich endpoint I could use otherwise (I want to avoid polling for every item individually).

If I have to do that, caching would be an option, but its still not very elegant.
What would you guys recommend doing here?
The reason I need the type_ids is to get the required skills for that item (skillchecker)

Sincerly, Jan

The error means you have Adaptive Invulnerability Field II in the array of names twice. How you would do this depends on your language, but essentially just make sure there is only one instance of each item you want a type_id for in the request body.

EDIT: Depending on your app it might be easier to use the SDE Export and store this data locally (db or some cache file).

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