Getting bumped in a freight highsec should make the bumper flagged

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Precious tears. Some of my favorite flavor.

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LMAO we patiently await your valiant efforts.

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You really didn’t think this out did ya?

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Guys all I’m asking for is a fighting chance against bumpers. And most of you people replying are the greifers so this reinforces my argument when you say you bump ppl for hours. That’s uncalled for some these comments making personally attacks towards me, real fuckin mature. And yes I did think it out it’s called common since.

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Exactly my point, thank you

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This isn’t very promising to the situation. Note that the CEO will have a “high level” overview of problems. Separately, we have heard stories about a developer who was working on an idea to force-warp after three minutes, but ran into problems and put the idea back into the oven for more bake-time.

From today’s CEO AMA:

Are you ever going to do anything about freighter bumping in hisec? It produces stale gank farming where multi-boxing gankers can stack up ganks. There is no fun at all for the freighter pilot, and they can be bumped for hours.

Bumping is something that gets discussed quite a bit at CCP and it’s always going to be a double-edged blade when it comes to discussion.

There are no plans to look at changes to destiny (EVE’s physics engine) right now, but we may look at doing so in future as EVE grows and evolves with new technology.

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The sad mentality displayed by these disruptive kids… then they wonder why ccp is looking for a player base that isn’t… them XD

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Common sense would be not doing stuff that makes you an attractive target in the first place; the chances of getting bumped and subsequently ganked can be reduced or increased significantly, through the choices made by the targets of such activities.

By the time you’re being bumped off the gate it’s almost too late to do anything, there’s ways out of it but they require some knowledge and occasionally friends.

Counterpoint to the thread title :stuck_out_tongue:

Autopiloting your freighter through hisec should make you flagged for bumping.

Oh wait, in practice that’s already the case.

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bumping make no common or uncommon sense, its the most childish thing I have seen in a game. And no I have never been bumped.

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We already have a reasonable warp timer.

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You need to undock to get bumped.

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Hi Balos, you forgot you caps.

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I did not even know staying docked is a thing until very recently my main income is combat sites so I can assure you I am extremely undoked

Staying docked sounds super boring

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Turn off auto-pilot. Problem Solved.

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You still get bumped even if you’re not on autopilot they hit anyone and anything now.

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For what reason does bumping exist at all other than to grief? Is (or was) there a reason for it to be in the game aside from this? Making ships go through one another would solve everything with very little impact to the game play. Ship-to-ship collisions add nothing to the game and are completely pointless, especially when there are invulnerable structures in the game that cannot be bumped (or targeted, or destroyed…)

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What happens to traversal and bearing calculations when two ships occupy the same position?

(Nevyn Auscent) #253

Divide by zero errors. Obviously because we know CCP have issues with that in code also.

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You’ve obviously never done any sort of PvP lul :rofl:

Bumping freighters is like under 1% of ■■■■ bumped

Herpderp get your head out of the rocks miner

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You can gank the bumping ship.

There, now you have a fighting chance.