Getting bumped in a freight highsec should make the bumper flagged

This would make the Jita undock hilarious.


You got that right.


This point has been noted before too. That computer programs are pretty bad at determining intent…

Ib4 some expert with a computer degree in powerpoint starts to tell us something about AI…

Considering these “AI” are showing me ads for ■■■■ I’ve already bought…that guy can pfuck off.

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I always thought that 1 bumping should not change alignment and 2being bumped could charge a insta warp accelerator. 3 bumps creates enough stored energy to instantly accelerate to where warp speed is triggered. So after three bumps you are pushed to instant warp. This would be a device you would have to mount in a mid slot and the the operator has to trigger the instant warp once it is charged. It just acts as a counter to bumping but costs you a mid slot.

Real useful for freighters.


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