Getting paid from an auction

I just auctioned an item and the auction is over. How do I get paid? I read the existing support article on Auction Contracts, which states: “Upon auction completion, neither the item nor the money will be delivered immediately. Both, the seller and the buyer, will have to claim money and item respectively in order to complete the auction contract.”

How do I “claim” the money in this process? Also I am informed on the contract start page that I have an item (the auction) that “requires attention”. What kind of attention that it needs and how it is to be given is not stated. But I presume that doing whatever needs doing results in being paid? It’s 128 mill ISK which is a lot to me at my T1 level. Thanks for help in advance.

Well, I will answer my own question: Wait several hours, then open the auction contract. A button with the caption “Get ISK” will appear at the bottom of the contract. Select it. Watch the loot fill your account. And the Angels rejoiced, and were merry, and glad, and tidings of good cheer filled the land.


You know, in my 8+ years playing this game I have never used an auction contract?

Thanks for the tip!


Welcome Novason! Glad you figured it out and hopefully this page can help other new players who have not done contracts before.

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