GF, not what I thought

So I recently came back to eve a few weeks ago. And the friend that got me to come back had a swell idea. “Why don’t we make some Alts and try the Faction Warfare and get more into the PvP?” So I figured sure, why not. My main Character can mine,scan, and PvE like a Pro, but I’ve never done any PvP intentionally. So what the hell. We made some Alts and they are super fresh. Barely any skills at all. But we fitted some cheap Frigates and watched some video’s and had a couple of beers and headed out to the Warzones.

It was quiet in the Rearguard system but we figured out how the Plexes work and warped off to the Scout site. While we were waiting on the Countdown I saw this pop up in the Local Chat, “gf”. And I said to my friend, “Well people must be fighting, I see some salt in local chat.” And he said to me, “LOL nah man that means ‘Good Fight’…not Get F*ked.” So I laughed and said, “Ohhhhh, Ok, got it!”

A few hours later we were defending a Scout site and got blown up. I was proud, I actually got the other guy down to half his armor before he blew me up. But none the less he got me. And I podded away fearful that he was gonna finish the job. Instead I got “GF” in local. So I replied, “GF o7”. And I meant it! It was a good feeling to know that there are actual Honorable fights in EVE. I don’t remember your name but to whoever I fought in that Scout site, Cheers!


Grats! Welcome to the real EVE.

Just know that GF very often is used ironically going “lol you got dunked on”, still always GF people :slight_smile:


If it wasn’t a GF, but you got outsmarted and blobbed on, you can also say GG (good game) to acknowledge that. If you won, and the other fought back, always give a GF.

… also be prepared to get worst (russian) slurs thrown at you in local or private chat, if you kill those who are not ready for PvP (but want the money from lower sec space).


I’ll keep that in mind. But I think I prefer the Honorable combat of the Warzone Sites. It’s a more structured situation than just random PvP.

I did see some angry Russian conversations going on. Now I know what they were so upset about. Thanks for the heads up!

To be clear, such a thing doesn’t exist per se in EvE. You need to work for it to come true. Means choose your opponent and know from who/when to run.

There is only one rule in lowsec, everybody wants to kill you if you provide the opportunity, regardless how.


And I get that. What I mean is that the slugging it out in the Plexes felt more like an Attack/Defend situation in which everyone is aware of the impending engagement and there’s no “I got ganked for no reason” sentiment. It felt more like a combat scenario that everyone accepts the outcome is potential death. Less hurt ego’s and feelings over being killed while “minding one’s own business”.

I got killed several times by pirate gate campers on my way out to the Scout sites, so I know it isn’t all honorable warriors waiting patiently for me to get ready. lol

True, the plexes are more structured, still if you see a single Condor coming for your Algos, don’t be too excited, they (the scout) likely has friends in a nearby system or out of dscan who eagerly wait for the shout in comms “point” to jump and come hugging you. :wink:

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I have a direct link to google translate in my notepad (always have that open with useful links) for exactly that reason. Its always hilarious and worth it, sometimes it results in a GM ticket.


But I wonder if they actually do anything about those reports in the end or just post the usual “we take these seriously and take action as needed but can not reveal what action we take if any” reply to such tickets without really doing anything. :thinking:

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I’ve seen people… disappear, or at least noticed they weren’t around, stopped getting zkill entries etc etc. Generally just for a few weeks, only very occasionally I never saw them again (I keep track of such people, gotta have a hobby).


In reality it means Get Fricked.

Like this?


I love Google Lens.

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I have never seen a sarcastic GF. Maybe because I live in Low and that sounds like a Null thing.

It’s a blobbing thing, which mostly happens in null but these days it’s in low sec as well, more and more. If you get blobbed 1v30 and they had 3 Falcons then it wasn’t a good fight.

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