What's up with "gf" in this game?

I assume it means “good fight”. Just saw a 2 month old character getting his Vexor obliterated by 10 guys in 5 seconds, afterwards everyone were “gf”



It’s just considered to be the polite thing to do in the game. Can mean anything from “thank you for the meal” to “thanks for the fair fight” to “you got me good” to “lulz ezpz”. I think many people just do it as a “when in Rome” thing.

Consider the alternative. Trash-talking if you can’t back it up can get you either laughed at or targeted as a potential vein of untapped salt. It’s best to just move on with as little animosity as possible unless you absolutely intend to get back at your killers.


yes, just basic politeness.
The other option is to point and kill him before he can say gf.


You gotta love Eve, a gf in local after being grossly outnumbered and destroyed is the essence of the capsuleer. Saying that, games that allow that sort of behaviour are not doing as well.

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Haha, welcome to Eve buddy, where everyone simply congratulate themselves for whatever turd of an interaction they can find.

In most cases it’s being polite.


My gf refuses to play EVE


The fight is not just about the shooty bit that kills your ship, it’s also about good strategy and tactics. Or maybe just that a newb had a go against a real target rather than attacking poor defenseless asteroids.


10 v 1 = “Good strategy and tactics” in Eve.


“newb had a go against a real target rather than attacking poor defenseless asteroids.”

Actually it was the other way around, a bored the ■■■■ out group of 10 spaceship nerds attacked what might have as well been a poor defenseless asteroid/player.

Eve gameplay at its finest.

In that case it was meant to be “get fu***d”


Eve is Gluten Free


Just as a clarification, the guy who got rekt didn’t say “gf”. I don’t think he had any idea what was going on, he wasn’t even in the system for 10 seconds before he got popped. Probably still clicking warp to

Its called being a good sport. Dont you shake hands at the end of a sportsball competition?


It’s all about the context.

While at times it is indeed a thing said out of politeness / being a good sport it is also said many times to humiliate and troll a victim after an encounter that was absolutely in no way a ‘good fight’.


Don’t assume that the people saying “gf” are trolls.
This jut leads to being salty and loss of time for you. Always assume they are polite. Even if they gang banged you, this is just a game, nothing personal, and actually many people don’t enjoy doing it - yet gatecamps are a good way to learn team play.

No assumption of the sort here. It looks more like I might be the kind of person who assumes such things when you leave out the first part of what I said. The first part was of equal importance.

I know people well enough to know it can be meant either way, which is way I covered both possibilities.

Knowing someone is mocking you with a fake ‘good fight’ in an attempt to induce salty tears of rage isn’t the same as taking it personally either. Even salt farming is nothing personal at the end of the day.


I thought it just meant they wanted to offer to be my girlfriend after I beat them in a fight? :persevere:

Always a possibility I guess, especially if followed by a ‘?’ :rofl:


Yes, you are encouraging people to consider this is a troll attitude.

We are not in the head of people who say GF, so all we can do is assume.
Either they are troll, and we should not care - or they are not, then it is politeness (or something else). Anyhow we don’t know and should not waste time assuming their behaviour - so best is to look at the bright side of life, and assume they were polite.

Assuming they are trolls will in no way give you a better game experience, on the opposite.

BTW when we are saying GF in local after a big fight, this mean we consider the fight is over. Nothing more. Or that the FC told us to do so ^^

You are totally right, they may as well be ironic - but this possibility should not prevent you from assuming they are genuine.

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You are again replying to only one part of my comment which skews what I said towards a viewpoint I do not actually hold.

I am quite happy to weigh up each situation on its own individual merits and form a quick opinion either way. No time wasted, no tears shed, no life devastated, nothing personal.

I am not sure why you are trying to convince me to assume only in one direction? :thinking:

That is simply not the reality of the situation. It would be a naive attitude to take in any game but it is especially naive in EVE.

Nothing wrong with being naive if it makes you happy though I suppose? :thinking:

Would you like to try to convince me to believe in fairies and unicorns while you are here too? :slight_smile:

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You don’t know the “reality of the situation”. You just assume who people are. You chose to assume they are genuine or not ; but assuming they are trolls will make you spend time in a game filled with trolls, when assuming they are genuine will make you spend item in a game filled with genuine players.

If you want to have a good time in a GAME, you should have the second attitude.
Accept that people are genuinely trying to scam you, to gank you, to ruin your trade. That they enjoy it. That those simple persons would genuinely make you pay to show you the unicorns in the bonus room.

I genuinely don’t understand why you call that attitude naive. It’s just a way to enjoy life : assume people are genuine, even if they show potential troll behaviour.