Gideon Zendikar for CSM17

As someone who routinely used to bait and kill pvpers using procurer and athanor combo, I can attest to structure ECM being overpowered against solo roamers and micro gangs, and frustrating if you find yourself on the receiving end. I refused to use it until CCP forced me to do so, by nerfing combat procurer into the ground.
As it is, just about every battlecruiser and below can put itself in procurer’s scram range and then moonwalk out anytime it wants. The only counter is to put MWD on the procurer, and then pray your target has neither web nor scram - or jam it.
If you want to get decent fights in moon belt, by all means take away the structure ECM, but give procurers and skiffs ability to move!

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O_o 2 mids wtf. Could just go skiff? Man that thing has a speed of a carrier and the fitting of a frig wtf cant even put a med neut.

I enjoyed very much being your enemy in Providence when i was in CVA , running after you and your friends Quicky and Zhags . i did not get bored :smiley: :smiley:. Now i am in TRC but i play less than before due to personal life
You will have my vote and i hope you will come to annoy me in Provi soon :smile: :smile:

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Provi was good content - shame such a war will not happen anytime soon again as ansiblex jump bridges make all local conflicts into proxi wars.