Give Each region a subtle soundscape

The human ear detects subtle nuances in mood, setting, context. In eve the travel from region to region can sometimes lack intelligibility, especially for novice podlings - a simple to implement measure ould be to provide subtlesound queues about the region. This sound wallpaper could be

  • certain stellar/astrophysical phenomenon. (link)
  • local populations, pirates, ethnicities, cultures, military profiles.
  • music that alludes to activity in the area. If for instance pirate/mining/exploration/PI activity increases, certain subtle soundscapes could correspondingly increase. This could provide perceptive/experienced players with a lot of intuitive information. Right now the rackety/tinny conversation of pirates is somewhat underwhelming - it could be enriched, carrying information. Sometimes such sounds should intentionally provide wrong information. Keep em on their toes, so to speak.
  • the presence of certain ores, stations, resources, unique wormholes, etc. etc. etc.

You shouild be able to switch this off in the client, because some people have no soul and can’t be bothered by all this stylistic pretentious pooha. But I wouldn’t.

As a side note - I am pretty sure over the years I have provided many suggestions that were implemented. Some in-game acknowledgement would be nice. You know who I am.


Nope, I don’t know you.

Also, eve has sound? Is that real?

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