Idea for Music Differentiation is EVE

I.E. we already have visual cues as to where you are, and the new jump tunnels change color according to the empire you are currently in. but what about the main soundtrack? I took a simple song from the soundtrack (Red Glowing Dust) and dusted off the ol. music skills to doctor up what that would sound like. I came up with the following:
I only did 2 empires because I wasn’t sure what the other two would sound like, other than DNB for Gallente and I’m not sure for Caldari.

Im not goingto download a zip file from a fellow eve player, so I really have no idea what you are talking about.
But if I guessed right I can tell you that there are curently different soundtracks for different parts of space and combat. (Darker and more hostile songs for null and happier ones for high sec)
The whole thing actualy sucks big time as it limits the available music by 75% to those who just live in one area. Thus eve players prefer to mute the music, instead of hearing the same songs over and over and over, specialy if you live in null, as the game will only give you “dark” songs.

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