Premium music and atmosphere

You know what I would love? I don’t really like skins and visual changes for real money, so still haven’t spent very much on this game despite absolutely loving it!

I love the atmosphere of the game, bring in premium sounds and music on the plex store! Won’t affect gameplay, but worth the money for the player IMHO.

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I can see why Eve is dying.

What do you spend your money on?

Cosmetic skins for my invisible ships that are cloaked and zoomed out to the size of a pixel.

If there ever was lipstick for pigs, that would be it.

This is my feeling about skins as well. I mean I could just buy them to support the game, but I would REALLY love some music and sounds instead.

I already have premium sounds and music on while I play EVE, downloaded from one of my favorite sites for free.
I do not collect skins and do not like skins on my ships, it is not immersive, reminds me too much that I’m playing a game.

Just bring back the Jukebox.

You’re better off with a background music player like Foobar2000 on Windows and CMUS on Linux.

Some of the current ingame music has that special “Eve feel” to it. :slight_smile: Your idea might encourage CCP to create more music for Eve, which would be good. (even if may be a relatively small thing, any positive improvements and additions to the game is welcome)

I mostly listen to other music while playing, but once in a while it is also nice to get immersed in the Eve atmosphere with the ingame music. More Eve music is welcome in my opinion as one player.


In b4 Eve has no sound.

Thanks @Zoiie - I knew the current playlist for Eve was available elsewhere, but had not yet bookmarked any links. You made it easy for me to find. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Great link thanks

@EM00 @Kuhmewailen_Ijonen

Check out this Eve Jukebox, it contains a lot of Eve music…


Awesome thanks!

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@DeMichael_Crimson Thank you, I will have a look :slight_smile:

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@EM00 @Kuhmewailen_Ijonen

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, has a lot of Eve music. I especially like the Mission Music section, there’s also a section containing music from CCP’s R&R group - Permaband.

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