Give Prophecy 100 Bandwith

Prophecy is supposed to be a drone boat. But with 75 bandwith it’s kind of lacking compared to cruisers like the Ishtar and the Stratios that both have at least 100 Bandwith.
Why does Amarr get the short end of the stick here?
Because they are not Gallente?
100 bandwith should be possible on a Battlecruiser.

realistically should have 0 drone bandwidth since it is amarr.

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Compare the prophecy to another tech1 CBC like the myrmidon rather than a tech2 or faction cruiser.

Amarr ships get less bandwidth but larger bays and thus more drone wings. Same happens with the arbitrator. They also have more flexibility in their hardpoints.

Originally intended as a full-fledged battleship…but with the Bandwith of a cruiser.

revamp amarr ships
get drones and missiles out
make LAZORS great again !!!

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Ok…how about a Tech 3 Prophecy with 125 Bandwith?
Pirate or Navy?

Why not use an Armageddon?

Pretty much that.

Though more because its a) Amarr and b) is affordable, two things CCP historically thinks are bad

Amarr Victor !
for you factionistas out there : keep your hands off my Prophecy, go nerf your own ships.


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