Give S.O.I.O ships a place in the ship tree

We have 3 S.O.I.O ships right now (4 if also counting the shuttle), which are seen pretty often and have a large market in game. So why not adding them to the ship tree?

And please make a new icon for Vorton Projectors. Now it’s identical to the one of Hybrid Turrets.

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What the hell is a SOIO? It sounds like some kind of soy-based breakfast cereal. I think you mean SoCT.

Oh, yeah, SoCT it is. Messed up with M.O.I.O lol

…uh what is M.O.I.O

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn: :smiling_imp:

It’s the corporation giving you the Amarrian Epic Arc.

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