Glare Crust & Dark Glitter - Another win for Low-Sec

Oh look, the most profitable ice is actually Glare Crust or Dark Glitter! Hillarious!

Thanks for letting us know. :blush:

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Another win? Lowsec seems to be pretty short on interesting or good things. If they have the most profitable ice, it is one of the few things on the very short"win" list for lowsec.

This holiday season, let’s all raise a glass to the red-headed stepchild of Eve, Lowsec! Things look grim there, but I think 2020 might finally be the year we see some attention payed to it by CCP and maybe the start of a low-security renaissance.



Seems to me that in low sec the best style for finding prey would be ambush, have a bait ship and wait for a nibble then hotdrop whatever comes along.


  1. you are aware that these ice types are also found in null, yes?
  2. why do you find it hilarious? the price of things depends on the offer/supply ratio. As Glare Crust and Dark glitter are rich in heavy water, it can be that the number of mining rorquals has increased, or that fuel blocks demand for citadels has increased, or… so why is it hilarious? i miss your point

Last time I checked, there was no Dark Glitter in low sec and little Glare Crust. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was being facetious (sarcastic).

Can you confirm there used to be? I made a post a year ago but got no answers. I visited two 0.1 systems that have Dark Gliiter mapped on Dotlan but couldn’t find any in-game. Just wanted to confirm that it was presumably nerfed? The uni wiki page also claims DG in 0.1 or lower.

As to “little glare crust”, there is about 500 units per regular ice belt. Once you mine it out you have to wait for the regular weekly(?) upgrade of the whole belt. But, if you have three ice systems close together, and you are mining solo in endurance(s), you will not run out.

oh ok thks, the thread title made me think that there was some in low sec, and that the OP was not sarcastic

But then i don’t really understand his (sarcastic) post… Why be sarcastic about ice, but not for the rest: relic sites loot, DED sites levels and loot, normal ore belts, ice belts, moon types, everythg is more rewarding in null sec than in low. Nothing new… so why suddenly discover that icebelts in null are better than in low?

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To my knowledge, there has never been Dark Glitter in low sec. I have lived in Anohel for a long time, with Illi having an ice belt next door. There has never been Dark Glitter there. It is possible that a 0.1 system could have Dark Glitter. Illi is 0.2, although Anohel is 0.1. The Glare Crust I have found in Illi is usually mined out quickly, I would estimate 5 rocks. I couldn’t estimate their content. It was never worth it to mine them, let alone take an accounting of their value.

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