GM Week 2022 Video Contest - GM and Community vote

Is there any news on the results that were in?

Just so I understand the rules for the next event. You said that group 2 was to be between 10 and 30 seconds long but one of the top 3 was 35 seconds. So could they have been 45 seconds long? Is it just a soft limit? Is it just favoritism? Just would like to know what the rules actually are. Thanks

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It is still the weekend up there.

33 seconds you mean :slight_smile: Was probably a soft friendly gesture of 3 seconds overboard isn;t a killer and would be a shame not to include such I imagine. 10% icnreae over the limit I imagine be no biggie.
Don’t think any of them were 45 seconds long? 0_o

firework launcher ready for results
Katy Perry Feat Cell

Hello all!

We hope you had a wonderful weekend, the results are in and we are here to update you on the poll results for the top 3 places in each group.

Group 1 winners are as follows:

  • 1st place is “Rist Ozuwara”
  • 2nd place is “Ithica Hawk”
  • 3rd place is “Celltear”

Group 2 winners are as follows:

  • 1st place is “Rist Ozuwara”
  • 2nd place is “Celltear”
  • 3rd place is “Dhuras”

The winners can pick a SKIN of their choosing following the parameters of the original post and then the character that submitted the video will send an in game mail to GM Banquet with their SKIN selection.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you everybody for participating.

I hope you enjoyed GM Week, we had a blast and we’ll be looking forward to next year.

-GM Team


Congrats to everyone involved. Some great content

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Thanks CCP for hosting and awesome productions and work to all :smiley:

Well, those who usually don’t bother to win do win… just record a fight, play some music that you like… and you’ll win here. just questionable, I will not participate here under any circumstances because it has been the same for the last 2 years. The work that you do with videos and put it on Youtube is actually free advertising for CCP and is so cheaply fended off in the GM forum. big praise from me to those who made an effort, there were some good things here.MFG


So when are prizes being handed out? Send that in game mail days ago but still haven’t heard anything back about the SKIN or PLEX.

I sent you an in game mail, please check your inbox.

Hey again everyone!

Rewards have been paid out to the characters that submitted their videos in this thread and you can find the rewards in your item hangar in the Jita 4-4 station!

Thank you all for taking part in GM Week and I hope to see you again during the next GM Week!

-GM Team