Gnosis Gallente armor tank

and i was concentrating on the armor for the Gnosisi. Well, i’ll give it a try, thx again.

I’ll point out that the Dominix build I provided previously above also relies on shields. And given that you can use T2 shield equipment with only 4 ranks trained instead of how armor needs five ranks of training to utilize T2 energized nano platings you end up saving some significant time and SP. That said armor training isn’t a waste because everyone tends to have fits that can benefit from at least having a T2 Damage Control Unit around… which conveniently only requires four ranks to use.

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I like thorium and tungston ammo for rails with drone range.

If you have the resources and open mids fit a nav link or two for your drones and you can use meds like lights.

I have three fit to my praxis and my goodness my drones are missiles with a return button.

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