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I can’t remember what stage this one got to on the old Forums, but… We NEED this!

At present, if I want to go groundside, I fire up Dungeons & Dragons Online or Star Wars The Old Republic. Neither are ideal ( The Force & Magic, plus races etc, are NOT EVE!! ), so…

What we need is a game for going groundside that is as vast as the two games above ( both of which are good games in their own right, obviously ), but set in the EVE Universe.

In the 90’s we had an RPG called Shadowrun. It was based on a core-concept game called Cyberpunk, but allowed other races & magic. EVE - Terra-Firma ( let’s call it that hypothetically ) needs to be able to have the same vast depth & choice of toys for players to use as the above 2 90’s RPG’s.

I mention Shadowrun as it had the Vehicle Control Rig. EVE uses this concept to allow a capsuleer to plug into a Ship & fly it. Your ground-side clones could have one for flying fighters, or helecopters/VTOLS, or grav-tanks, or tanks with tracks, or a combat battle-car, or…

Both Cyberpunk & Shadowrun had augmented reflexes & personal body-armor implants as well, so that you could fight faster & harder then a normal human could. Ideal for an EVE clone who has gone to a shady part of town to meet a smuggler for their next mission? Indeedy.


I’m pretty sure that these old games would love a second life ( both have faded now sadly ), and would allow the use of their tech/toys in EVE to create EVE - Terra-Firma. Some sort of deal for the rights would fix this up nicely. From there you have an entire plethora of implants, plot, armor, cosmetic implants for RPG stuff, & guns, to use as the basic back-bone tech of EVE Terra-Firma ( or whatever you choose to call it ).

There is a genuine gap in the market out there for a real-time Cyberpunk PvP PvE combat RPG game that is as big as SWTOR or DDO. Implants by the 100’s available to buy, guns & kit coming out of your ears, Combat Drugs a-go-go too, and all in a Clone you can shift over to from your CCP account if you have a EVE - Terra-firma subscription.

So your EVE toon could get to the planet, transfer consciousness to his ground clone via a space-port, and then head out to get in with a local cartel he/she wants to drug-run for ( for example ).

And that ground clone may have piloting rigs, or it may not. What if it was as tanky implant-wise as a full-on Cyborg, so could take multiple weapon hits and keep on ticking?

That’s how big this can get. Per planet.

Awwww yeah :slight_smile:

How do you get a Spaceport in play? You land it from space of course. Say 3 Titans with their Clone bays, all landing together and linking systems? Now bring in a few Bowheads, to store the assembled ships that land there, and link those Bowhead ‘hanger’ systems to the Titan-core? Summat like that anyway. Modular Spaceports, flown in from space, are a good way to colonise new planets etc ( and re-find old Human Tribes lost when the original EVE gate closed/died ).


And for the record I use DDO with a repeating crossbow or hand weapon, as it is like a low-tech world. Near enough. EVE - Terra-firma could have low-tech worlds as well as high-tech worlds to explore.

No magic, no races, just raw Cyberpunk on a massive scale. Now THAT would be fun :slight_smile:

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Dust 514 is that way ----->

Oh wait, nevermind.

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As cool as it sounds, a bit too big for CCP, won’t happen.

Dust 514 was what we had to go to ground, and it has been closed

So now we wait for them to release the new FPS, from which pc players can finally jump in

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Already in development as mentioned. Though it’s not going to be Cyberpunk (That’s also in development but a different studio)

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Ah, danke for the updates.

Yeah, DUST 514 was console-based; and they cost a fortune to maintain. PC’s are where the better games are at, as the PC is far more affordably upgraded when needed. Hopefully CCP will recognise this.

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