EVE vs space games? --- The tech

Ok, was gonna write an essay but … wall of text, no ones gonna read it… so just gonna go for the key points?

  1. I reckon devs, gm, qa, fe, be, scrums etc etc have all tried Star Citizen/Elite Dangerous, is it doable to open planets in such a way as it was done in SC??? Ignore the performance bugs, just focus on planets

  2. walking in stations ==> buying ■■■■ at vendors in stations, getting missions from agents in stations while pacing about, shooting the breeze in stations, random npcs just doing their thing in stations… what happened with that, still seems like a good idea? Is it the lack of know-how (I assume this aint it) or too big of a project for 15k logins a day?

  3. I recall there was a hungarian developer few decades ago, where planetary evolution was a very, very interesting concept. Game was called Imperium Galactica II, I think. Any way to work with that idea to expand the planetary scope of things?

Just had some beers and weed and might be off the rails here, but I think this game is a bombshell. however a bit lacking on the content / makeup side… Whats the scope of such a project, how many months (years???) of waiting are we talking about here…

Or is all of this just apples vs oranges…???


Don’t you mean Spore?

Explains a thing or two about your OP. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :upside_down_face:

I mean the two games you listed as an example don’t even have what your asking for after a decade for one of them. Not to mention they aren’t even the same type of game as eve. Other than both being in space there’s no real similarities.


Mm a hard no.

I’d rather them focus on current gameplay and adding to it.

Also walking in stations is for noobs. I hate pointless walking around. Its much better to just be able to talk to the agent right there.


I doubt that EVE would turn into a walking somulator. Echoes of future plans don’t include anything in OP either in the fanfest video or ads for next expansion.
I have E.O for my fix of walking around on planets and if combat and that need combined then I think Planetside 2 fits the bill. As for walking in stations… why?

We might get some sort of “walking in stations” once the fps is developed. Primarily for sov / fw mechanics.

As for why an eve player might actually want to get out of their ship to walk around in the station, there is a plethora of other gameplay opportunities there. Years ago I read a chronicle where they mentioned in passing what seemed to be drone gladiatorial matches in Caldari space.

man we were going to be able to run bars and even be able to stock it with gambling mini games and the like.

lol don’t hold your breath on that ever becoming a reality.

I would advise against holding ones breath in general… unless under water.

The fps is far more likely than running a bar… not that that’s a high… bar … to compare against.

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