Going over Event Point Limit

Finished the Arms Race Event. Say i go 10 points over the highest point for rewards which is 180. Do i get 10 points the next day. Does it reset? I really have no idea how it works. Last event i did was last summer. The Serpentis event. :blush:

Interested to know as well. I exceed over 180 and the points still accumulate. Does it carry over the next day?

the points continue through the whole event, but if you max out the bar you got all the rewards you can get and theres nothing else to do unless your farming for accelrators

Too bad the loot has become crap. I just did 6 nests and other than the crystals and a hardshell, nothing has dropped after clearing 6 nests. 4 of the overseers had nothing at all (completely empty). Yesterday did a few nests also with same results.

Seems the loot tables just stopped working. I mean I wouldnt mind getting some skins in the least, but no boosters other than couple hardshell and crystals dropping.

even in null ive had sites drop nothing with spawns all the way up to battleship so yeah

Nests have the lowest chance to spawn further waves. Dens are a little better. Lairs are where its at. Theres nothing wrong with the loot table. Thereโ€™s just a very slim chance of getting anything worth value from nests.

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