Theres a 2nd event ballistic control system

After receiving piles of C3-A ballistic control that gives
7% rate of fire 7% missile damage 10% drone damage
and seeing as how getting 400 event points gets you one of these also I was surprised to finally after many sites hit this the C3-X ballistic control.

10% rate of fire 10% missile damage 15% drone damage

Shouldn’t this be in the event points? 400 event points for the lower one you get 10 times before you get it?
Seems the event points this event are overrated for their rewards.

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Value of the rewards is determined by the market. For the next week, while supply is plentiful, prices will fall. Once the event is over prices will start to rise. It will probably be a year before more of these are added to the game so - hang on to them. They’ll probably be worth a lot more around Christmas than they are now!

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Totally agree. I had everything from event site drops long before I got the points.

In fact, I still don’t have the points for either the C3-A or the Extended Booster, yet I have about 6 C3-As from drops and 4 Extended Boosters, and like you I got a C3-X as a drop too.

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