Good Evening all, Im in a mellow mood so no pointless threats tonight, Sorry. But What I Do Have is Hope

But I just watched this, and it made me have a little , and I mean a Little hope, for eve.

I mean I dont trust CCP with anything, but if they are starting to listen to there player base, Then Im all for it. Watch it and decide. If i got it wrong please rewind the tape .

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It just confirms for me that there’s a secret CCP conspiracy for everyone to grow beards.

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If they really do that, that means something very bad happened and they realise it. Dont worry, they will do what they want soon after things go a bit better.

I mean, if I were going to Iceland, I’d grow something to warm my face too!

Only if they are neck beards. Those are the best beards for cold weather. Otherwise it just gets in the way of eating your plokkfiskur and drinking your heitt sukkulaoi.

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