Who is afraid of the player base opinion?

(Rising Rider) #1

After the recent events with CO2 and the subsequent actions taken by CCP something really alarming is going on.
Every thread showing the players opinions and in almost every thread making direct implications that there was a different solution given in another incident involving an alliance leader a few years back, all of these threads were closed by DEV’s or ISD’s as if someone is afraid of something.
But lets face it IT IS THE news of the day(s) and will be discussed over and over again. After all the biggest theft and betrayal in EvE history happened and a CSM member was involved.Also the way CCP will handle this will be discussed and people will argue over and over again no matter what.
Last time I checked CCP was based in Iceland (a country that bragged about its democracy and the fact of the corrupt bankers being jailed and such) not in a dictatorship in a god forgotten place.
So let the people speak.
And the question still remains: who is afraid of the playerbase opinion?
I am really sorry to open this up but I find this “thread closing” thing a bit annoying.

(Memphis Baas) #2

It’s not fear, it’s just forum management.

  1. CCP’s decision is final, and won’t be changed by people posting on the forums. Honestly, we’ve done Burn Jita and even that didn’t change CCP much. They pretended to listen and change, but didn’t. Posts on the forums that achieve nothing are spam.

  2. Clearly the people who started those posts felt strongly about their friend being banned. That kind of strong passion about a subject attracts trolls like you wouldn’t believe. It’s pretty much guaranteed that within the first 5 pages of replies, someone will post “■■■■ gigx” or some such, to inflame the whole thread to epic proportions.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #3

Also what about the public relations aspect? How would CCP look if it came out… Some guy threatened another player and CCP, despite having proof, did nothing.

CCP wants investors. They want to be a good company. Letting threats go with no action isn’t being a good company.

(cretan Audeles) #4

About as good as it did when it handed only a temporary ban to a player who drunkenly encouraged someone with reported mental health issues to suicide.

(ISD Fractal) #5

Those threads were closed because they violated the rules of the forum. It is against the forum rules to discuss warnings, bans, and forum moderation. As such, this thread will also be closed.

(ISD Fractal) #6