Good fit or bad fit
is it a good fit or bad fit

Fly it in FW low sec and enter a Novice Plex. You’ll find out through experience.

at first i was
yeah is good …
but them i don’t like the lack of prop

It’ll do the same dps as a Slasher, and you’d be safer in one of those because you can circle faster than you gain by using a tracking disruptor to mess with their turrets.

Slasher is fast, course you’ll miss target if you don’t have tracking skilled up and/or no tracking mods fitted.

As for the OP, 200mm AC’s have poor tracking but work great when tracking mods are fit, then again that Stasis mod should help. I think it’s better to run with 150mm AC’s, faster ROF and better tracking, also lower fitting requirements.

Like @tutucox_Khamsi said, lack of prop mod…

Armor plates reduce speed so that fit will be hard-pressed to catch ships in order to apply all those Ewar mods. Might wanna replace Tracking disruptor with a prop mod.

Personally I think it should be taken as a warning sign that something isn’t right when having to fit both Co-Processor and Micro-Aux Power mods just to make a fit work. Probably should look into Implants to offset that…

Lastly there’s an actual sub-forum created for this type of thread - PvP Ships & Modules - EVE Online Forums

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Maybe switch the small rep for an ancillary one. Requires 8x nano paste to run properly.

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